There are many aspects that build up a resilient Search engine optimization. Anything that does not relate to links and contents falls under this category and is meant to improve the rate at which crawling occurs. Just like any other technological advancements, the necessities for SEO activities are always changing to match the industry. All these dynamics that help maintain the relevance of SEO activities is what is known as technical SEO.

For technical SEO to be at its peak, the activities that build it should be of premium quality with the ability to revolve in the constant market dynamics. According to Safari SEO Manchester, this is the main reason why some Search engine inquiries will yield better results than others.

Technical SEO - A Master Guide For Small Agencies - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Technical SEO elements

 1 Website speed

A slow loading site is very repulsive to work with and is a major deterrent to the visitors. The faster the speed the more the traffic and subsequent increase in sales. Time taken to completely load a page has been recognized as one of the major SEO ranking factors according to Brian Dean. To get to this conclusion, Brian had analyzed over a million Google search results from his case sturdy.

 2 Structured data markup

Search engines will make a judgment of your article depending on the quality of content and optimization. Another way is to make use of high-quality snippets that are meant to give an edge and build the exclusivity of your content.

 3 International Targeting

Due to the multinational setting of online searchers, you may want to segregate your articles in ways that will be easily understood by different people in their native languages.

Google should be able to make out the difference between the separation and avail searches that will be a perfect fit. Make use of hreflang tags to separate pages into specific languages and countries.

 4 Index Status

In order to get the total number of pages indexed on a site, you can make use of Index Status. This section also keeps a tag on the number of pages restricted or detached.  There will be more information about this on the indexing section. Indexing is important as it is a comparison between Google and your sitemap.xml in terms of pages availed.

 5 URL Structure

When coming up with the URL structure, you should be able to establish how your top pages are faring in terms of proximity to the main domain. The structure should also be skillfully assembled to bring out ingenuity. Your pages should be well represented in terms of sets with the correct representation of the URL.

6 Duplicate Content

Not everything goes according to plan when designing your SEO. When faults occur, the technical SEO should be able to identify and adjust. One such issue with a great effect on online content is duplication.

You content should be unique and alike to none within online contents. Every item you post an item on your site, it should be able to pass this test. You can make use of Google Search Console to determine how unique your content is. If there is anything that needs fixing, you will be able to get a prompt by going to the dashboard, Search Appearance, and HTML improvements.

Technical SEO - A Master Guide For Small Agencies - Blog Lorelei Web Design


Many aspects to be fulfilled for the finest ranking in SEO are rooted in the technical SEO. All the requirements by the Search engines are detailed and executed by an SEO company for better ranking of your page. Technical SEO is very broad and dynamic and can hardly be exhausted in a sitting. These and more tips will prove handy for your excellence on online presentation.