Thank you for your interest in advertising on our website. Although this domain has been in our ownership online since 2005, it’s been re-branded and officially promoted only since the end of 2009, we already have over 6,000 daily visitor, thanks to pooling our previous websites into this one.

Advertising on our websites will have many advantages — you will reach hundreds of people interested in Photoshop tutorials, graphic design, web design and Photoshop or photography in general. Having such a massive traffic viewing your advert will surely lead at least some of them to take interest in your products.

For advertising inquiries please contact us.

premium {at} loreleiwebdesign . com



  1. Howdy There,

    It’s Lima, the new intern at AJ&Smart. I’ll be frank we’ve got a bunch of blog posts with your name on it haha.

    What I mean to say is we think one of them would be perfect for Lorelei Web Design

    Here’s our site: and the blog would/could be on one of this area if it works for you:

    Topic – What is a Google Design Sprint and How does it Work?

    What do you say?

    Thanks for your time

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