How to get the Best Web Hosting Deals in 2017? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

You see deals and vouchers available for most products and services these days but with so many different offers around, it can be difficult to separate the great deals from the ones that actually aren’t very good at all. Many businesses advertise ‘great deal’ promotions that actually don’t work out any better value than their usual pricing. In fact, some have even found to cost more!

The problem is consumer behaviour – where a shopper reacts to what they are told is a great deal. The deal may not indeed be a good one but a bit of red discount images on display can convince the shopper that they can’t miss out on this great deal.

This is where shoppers can often end up buying something that they didn’t actually need or something that will go out of date before they get the chance to use it. Now just because some web hosting deals aren’t as good as they seem, it doesn’t mean that discounts shouldn’t be sought. There are plenty of businesses that offer genuine discounts to attract new customers. This applies across many industries and when it comes to web hosting, there can be mixed opinions on the value of many of the deals that are out there.

As an example, some web hosts will offer ‘50% discount for a limited period’ or similar but if you have been working with web hosts for some time you will see that many of these offers don’t differ from the standard all year round price. So how do you actually find a great web hosting deal?

To start with, don’t be led purely on the discount that is offered. Any web hosting choice should be made taking a number of factors into account, cost being one but also performance related information and available features. If you can find a web host that is offering a good deal but also covers all of your requirements then great but don’t be swayed on discount offers alone. You can use a comparison calculator to work out the going rate for web hosts before looking to find any further deals and discounts.

One type of deal that is very popular with people looking for web host deals is the GoDaddy promotion code deals. These deals get updated each month but can offer big reductions on domain renewals, new purchase discounts, discounted domains, reduced hosting fees for 12 months and many, many more. GoDaddy offers these discounts to enable them to attract new customers or retain existing customers.

Retaining loyal customers makes great commercial sense, as it costs less than the advertising costs to attract new customers. So whilst you could be sceptical about how great a discount it is, you should see it more as savvy marketing on their part.

You can get GoDaddy discount updates by signing up with a number of different web host discount sites and if your renewal is approaching you might find you can get a significantly cheaper web option than allowing automatic renewal. Unfortunately, the way that the marketing world works, many companies don’t offer renewal discount as standard. This is because they make more money out of people who just allow their service to auto-renew. You will probably have seen the same scenario with insurance policies or TV subscriptions. You get an inflated renewal price through and when you ring up to cancel, they suddenly start offering discounts and other benefits.

It certainly pays to shop around whenever you are looking to make any kind of purchase and if you’re looking for web hosting then the GoDaddy promotional codes could save you some significant amounts of money.