How do you do glowing eyes in photoshop?

The Photoshop tutorial was moved permanently from due to technical reasons.

How to make glowing eyes in Photoshop?

Ok, so this is going to be an ultra-simple tutorial for making this image. It can add a lot of sexy and elegant yet creepy effects to any of your family photos, so since it’s a quick and easy tut, I sincerely recommend you try it out.

We used a picture of Amy Lee, so first of all, you need to find some photos to work with. However, keep in mind that you need someone with light eyes, as it won’t work as effectively on brown or black eyes. I realize this may seem discriminatory, but it is necessary for the process.

glowing eyes photoshop - how to make eyes glow in photoshop
glowing eyes photoshop

Unveil the secret to creating stunning glowing monster eyes using Photoshop with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Halloween photos or add a touch of fantasy to your digital artwork, mastering this effect can take your images to a whole new level. It’s not rocket science – anyone with a keen interest in Photoshop can learn this technique. Remember, the key to success lies in the details, like choosing a photo with lighter eyes for a more pronounced effect.

So, are you ready to transform ordinary images into extraordinary art pieces with glowing monster eyes?

Let’s dive into this engaging Photoshop tutorial.

You can take a picture of Amy Lee that we used as her eyes are really bright.

Duplicate the layer.

Select the upper layer, go to Hues / Saturation, and fully reduce the colors of the upper layer.

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial

Select the eraser tool, very small with a sharp edge, we used 5px but u may want to work with an even smaller size.

Erase the upper (black n’ white) layer from the inside of the eye. Don’t touch the white area of the eye.

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial

So u will get something like this…

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial

Now to the interesting part.

Select the upper (colorless) layer again, and go to Brightness / Contrast.

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial

The idea is to reduce both Contrast and Brightness dramatically so that the face won’t be anything but a background anymore.

You will get something like this (feel free to play with the settings; depending on the photo, maybe you will need less or more brightness or contrast)

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial

For the final touch, select the layer below (colored) and go to Hue / Saturation. We will add a bit of contrast so that the eyes won’t be that “pale” anymore and will blend in better…

glowing eyes photoshop tutorial
glowing eyes photoshop tutorial - how to make eyes glow in photoshop

That’s it. I hope you liked this glowing eye Photoshop tutorial. Do you know of any other way how to make glowing eyes in Photoshop? You can even print the image and make wall tiles with it, how can it that? Read here if you want to find out how.

Method 2

What You Need:

  • Adobe Photoshop (I’m using CC, but most versions will do)
  • A photo of a monster, or maybe just your cat looking sinister

Step 1: Open Your Image

Fire up Photoshop and load the image you want to work with.

Step 2: Create a New Layer

Go to Layer > New Layer. Name it “Glowing Eyes.”

Step 3: Select the Eyes

Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to select the eye areas.

Step 4: Fill ’em In!

Pick a base color (maybe electric blue or neon green) and use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the selections.

Step 5: Deselect

Hit Ctrl+D to deselect the eye areas.

Step 6: Add Glow

Go to Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow. Play with the settings; you’re looking for a nice, soft glow.

  • Blend Mode: Screen
  • Opacity: 70-80%
  • Spread: 0
  • Size: 20-30 px

Step 7: Add Inner Glow (Optional)

If you want to get fancy, add an Inner Glow too. This will make the eyes look more dynamic.

Blend Mode: Linear Dodge (Add)

  • Opacity: ~50%
  • Size: ~5 px

Step 8: Final Touches

To make it more realistic, adjust the layer’s opacity to blend the glowing eyes with the original image. Around 80-90% usually works well.

Step 9: Save Your Work

Save your image, and boom—you’ve just turned Fluffy into a radioactive mutant! 🦠

That should give your monster’s eyes that freaky glow perfect for haunting dreams. Give it a try!