You have a great website and think your profiles and posts on social media are quite good. The problem is that nothing seems to be generating much buzz for your company. The website pages are also not ranking all that well on search engines. Could the problem be the way you are employing various strategies for search engine optimization? Here are some of the more common signs that indicate you need to get with an expert and rethink the way you approach SEO.

Top 3 Signs That You Need to Rethink Your SEO Strategy - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Your Keywords Aren’t Doing the Trick

One of the basics of Toronto SEO is the inclusion of relevant keywords and phrases that motivate search engines to place your pages higher in the results. A common mistake business owners make is assuming this part of the process can be done once and never touched again. That mistake can be fatal to your traffic and search engine placement.

Keywords that were frequently used for searches this time last year may or may not still be favorites of your targeted customer demographic. As they use those words less often to conduct searches, your pages will lose traffic. In order to deal with the situation and increase traffic to your pages, always be mindful of what words people are using for searches. Including the latest in relevant keywords and ensuring they fit neatly into the content on your pages will mean higher rankings and more visitors to your sites.

The Backlinks are Poor

Once upon a sign, conventional SEO wisdom dictated that more backlinks translated into more traffic and higher placement in search engine results. That’s no longer the case. The quality of the links that associate one of your pages with another site must present real value to the reader. Without that obvious value, you are more likely to be penalized by one or more search engine and end up in the lower rungs of those results.

If you have noticed a drop in traffic or that your pages are ranking lower, one of the factors to consider is that your selection of backlinks is not in line with current search engine standards. Take a second look at those links and consider where they take readers. If you were searching for something, would you be pleased at where you ended up or find it frustrating? When the latter is the case, it’s time to replace some of those links and use them to direct to more relevant information.

Top 3 Signs That You Need to Rethink Your SEO Strategy - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Your Content is Dated

Not all the content on your pages must be considered evergreen but it pays to update older content whenever possible. Things do change over time and what was a perfectly good bit of text five years ago may now leave the reader feeling as if visiting the pages was a waste of time.

Have a professional evaluate your content in light of current search engine standards. The topics may still be relevant, but technological innovations or other events may have rendered parts of the text obsolete. When that’s the case, you need to update the content so it provides information that’s helpful to today’s readers. A professional can help you select the right keywords to include and get your traffic and rankings back on track.

There’s much more to improving SEO in Toronto than these three areas. If you are not happy with how your online resources are performing, seek out the services of an expert. It won’t take long to identify what’s working, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be replaced with something completely different.