As a person who has been working online for over two decades now, I remember the times when first online slots games appeared; with clumsy programming on the backend and pixelated graphics. It used to scare many people away, because of the awkward look and feel of the website. Today, however, it’s a totally different story. Take for instance Discover Slots – an established online gaming website that has been in operation since 2016. The owners have worked hard for months to build out this online slots portal from scratch, and the results are truly impressive. You can choose from a wide variety of games, depending on your liking, and filter games out by risk (high, medium or low). The typical bet range is from £0.01 to £500, so you can try your luck with literally just one penny. That’s not much, isn’t it?

Taking 3D Graphics to A New Level - Introducing The Book of Ra - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Every game is different and unique, not only by the overall theme and graphics, but also by the welcoming bonus and bet-range requirements. When browsing the website, one game has particularly captured my attention, and that is – The Book of Ra.

Taking 3D Graphics to A New Level - Introducing The Book of Ra - Blog Lorelei Web Design

This game offers an impressive welcoming bonus of 200% (up to £1200) + you will get whopping 200 spins – absolutely free! This means if you deposit £600, you will get additional £1200 credited to your account (this only applies to the FIRST deposit, though). In the scale of DiscoverSlots’ risk factor, The Book of Ra has a LOW risk of losing, which is something I personally liked, as I am not a big gambler. The Book of Ra Online Slot is an online video slot from Novomatic, a website that has an established and reliable reputation for over 10 years now. The jackpot in this game is £100,000 and the game itself is quite simple and easy – just 5 reels and 9 lines that may make you rich and win you major prizes. You can start betting for as low as £0.2 per spin, if we count out the free spins you get when you sign up.

How to avail of the bonus?
Sign up now and receive the free credits on your account, as betting money (these cannot be cashed out, and are used solely for playing). This free bonus money is only available for new players and you will find the play money in your account, in according to their terms. The play money can be used on any slots game with the particular provider, so since not all the slots are offered by the same company, make sure you choose the game you want to play the most, and then proceed to signing up and receiving your bonus.

Just look at these gorgeous 3D graphics! As a designer, I absolutely love the gold gradients they used throughout the game design.

Taking 3D Graphics to A New Level - Introducing The Book of Ra - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Is DiscoverSlots Reliable?

As always, when it comes to online slot games, the biggest concern is the websites security and reliability. However, since this website works with reliable third-part clients, who have established reputation of nearly 20 years, back in the days when online games just started, you can rest assured that this website is legitimate and hackers-free, with secured connection and bullet-proof SSL certificate, which you can see in the corner of the website. With 128 bit encryption, you and all your account info are pretty much safe.

So, if you like the ancient Egyptian theme and want to try out your luck, go ahead and check this game out!