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A niche basically refers to a specialized but profitable corner in the market. However, in the blogging world, it means that your writings have to focus on something which incrementally makes you an expert on that particular topic and also makes you the go-to blog for such topics. It does not end there; your blog should also be profitable, and it makes sense.

In simple words, who wants to write on a topic that will generate zero return? Unless you are writing blogs solely for personal (non-profit) and passion reasons, choosing a niche before you start helps you to plan out on what you will write about and how you will eventually earn from it. This will give you a sense of direction for the blog, among several other things to ensure that your blog looks amazing and is profitable.

Starting a blog from zero experience is a tricky and intimidating task, especially if you don’t know what topics to write on in the first place. As a matter of fact, choosing a niche for your personal blog is the hardest part, and it’s usually a major roadblock that restricts new bloggers from creating their own blog. In this comprehensive guide, we take a closer look at how to pick a profitable blog niche:

  1. Choose a topic and “prune” it down

Choose a blogging niche where you’re most competent with the topic; an area where you can establish yourself as the authority. The topic will mostly be one that you’re passionate about. This has a major advantage as you won’t ever get bored and quit.

If you’re genuinely interested in a given topic, then you’ll also be capable of coming up with better content ideas. You’ll be able to expand on those ideas in detail thus increasing the length of your blog content. Your enthusiasm will also shine through and engage the audience.

To pick a profitable blog niche, become an expert on one thing that usually frustrates you, occupies you most and inspires you. Which things in life cause you to research so as to find an answer? Are there topics such as a hobby that usually inspire you or stay in your mind quite often? All these questions will ultimately help in finding a profitable niche. Remember, it’s key to making money online.

Make sure that you choose a topic with enough room for discussion. Choosing a narrow niche means that you might have nothing to write on for several months or no audience that’s interested in reading what you write. You should also have a constant stream of blog content. If you cannot generate more than 20 solid headlines, then your blog is probably not going to survive.

Forecast topics that shall be trending in the near future or a niche that a few people are currently on. Also, spend some time to research on what people are searching for or what they might want in the future.

  1. Determine whether or not the niche is profitable

Make a comprehensive list of your competition in that particular niche before starting out. You should have competition as it proves that there’s a need in that marketplace. And when there’s a need, then it’s more likely to be a profitable blog niche. If another person is making money in that particular niche, then there’s still room to make money in that particular niche.

Use tools such as SEMRush to see the top posts that they’re ranking in SERPs. If you cannot write better content than them, it’s better to find a different niche.

You should also come up with post ideas in that particular niche and generate some great long-tail keywords for your blog posts. Look at the number of the global searches and the other Google titles. You should find a great medium. You don’t want to try competing against something you will never rank for, and you should also ensure that there’s enough volume for the blog to be worthwhile.

If you truly want to serve the community and ultimately become an authority, then you have no choice other than being world class. This means more detail, more media, more resources, more action items and more citation of experts.

  1. Identify the ideal person you’re looking to help with your blogs

Don’t ever choose a niche by looking at the number of the potential audiences. Ensure that you do your research to ascertain that there are actually many people who are interested and searching for that particular topic. This will eventually increase the number of the long tail keywords that you can rank for. Studies show that long content usually tends to get more social shares and rank higher.

Choose a blogging topic where you feel that you most belong and still serves the community. Ensure that you write content that will help other people succeed in one way or another. Engage with individuals who connect and resonate with your materials, thus serving and promoting a specific community.

Find a niche that’s full of opportunities to solve a problem. Remember, the primary step to solving the problem is to understand correctly what it is about. To do so, you have to understand your audiences. The only thing that you need to figure out rightly is for whom you are writing for.

  1. Identify their problem (or pain)

Get clear about the blog niche. A profitable niche should be a concrete problem that your audience needs solving. As such, you should have a unique approach to solve it.

Does it solve problems that people are well aware of? If you have to try convincing your audience about their problem, then you’re already swimming upstream. A good example would be blogs on heart diseases or food Allergies. A lot of people are aware that they’re allergic or intolerant to the food. And, they’re looking forward to understanding it more thoroughly. Such a niche won’t be profitable as compared to blogs on Boosting Digestive Enzymes because people are not aware of the solution.

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche - Blog Lorelei Web Design


The goal for most blogs is becoming the go-to resource for its niche or topic. As such, you should consider many factors when selecting the topic that will generate desirable profits or help you in building a dedicated and large audience for your personal blog. You should consider the public interest, your knowledge on the topic, its longevity, as well as the audience’s interest in that particular topic. It is also important to put your competition into consideration and develop a way of delivering content that’s better, different and more engaging. By following the above guide, you can be confident to start a profitable blog and start earning online.