We often hear the power of Photoshop in the pitch of a person’s voice when in a highly animated conversation regarding the importance of Photoshop. This has always had me in awe. Like, what is the actual use of Photoshop? Is it really that important? I mean I have seen websites doing just fine without the magical tool that is Photoshop, in fact, I myself have thought that the power of Photoshop has been somewhat exaggerated. To my utter surprise, I have learned that Photoshop is indeed as valuable as those who understand the program make it out to be. Designing isn’t easy and given there are numerous Photoshop tutorials and courses out there, it goes without saying you need to actually understand how to use this designing tool. Here are some of the powerful uses of Photoshop and what it could do for you and your business.


A watermark is a personalized signature which is a great tool for advertisement, especially for those in photography or the creative field. With Photoshop, you are able to both add a watermark, and remove one. This is rather impressive considering there is no other extension which allows a user to remove one.

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Photo Editing

One of the most useful uses of Photoshop for photographers or others in similar careers, is the photo editing tools. Here is where dreams come true, where incredible effects can be used and a photo can turn into an enhanced memory.

Banner Designs

Banner designs are used mostly to advertise businesses on social platforms. These are created using Photoshop and can be more alluring when using the tool. If you look at banners which have been designed using editing applications, you can almost see the banners lack of quality. It dwindles before your very eyes and tears promise to shed at the sight of these poor designs.

iPhone Designs

Who would have known you can actually design iPhone applications using Photoshop. This is indeed one of the most powerful uses proving the amazing strength of an underestimated program that is Photoshop.

Flyer Designs

Being able to create an attractive flyer which attracts business is no easy feat. Photoshop however makes this incredibly difficult task a fun one

Business Cards

Many will argue that business cards no longer hold the same vital power they previously did. Although true to some degree, many would argue that business cards are ideal for when out and about. Regardless of both arguments, Photoshop has given users the option to create their very own business design which can be transferred onto a business card.

Photoshop has been known to make a positive impact on websites and if owners have the luxury of accessing this powerful design tool, chances are they will learn more than they could ever imagine possible!

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