Are you experiencing cases of business growth such that your website no longer matches your business growth? Or have you changed the logo or name of your business, or you are carrying out some housekeeping? Redesigning your website is a factor that you need to give much weight. Giving your website a new look can be an exciting thing but the results might not be as effective if you take the whole process so lightly.

5 Factors to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website - Blog Lorelei Web Design

While carrying out any redesign on your website, you need to remember that your website serves as your business image to the customers. Any small inappropriateness might cost you some clients. In the event you have reviewed and evaluated your website and found that it warrants some changes web design agency London can help you out.

Of course, there are agencies like Clay, where you can have the hard work done for you, but if you decide to opt for DIY before you redesign your website, take careful consideration of these 5 things and you will be assured that you are getting off on the right foot.

5 Factors to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Examine your current website

What aspects of your current website do you want to change or improve? You need to go through your website carefully to examine all the links, reviews and blog posts. If you are redesigning your website the most probable thing is that there are particular features you want to add or remove. Be careful not to interfere with features that attract visitors to your website. Safari Brisbane SEO recommend looking at the content that is attracting users through organic search before making any on-page changes. In many cases, your website could be ranking for keywords that you are unaware of. Making dramatic changes to on-page content can negatively impact your website visibility.

Load speed

One of the most important aspects of your website is the time it takes to load. The appropriate website ought to load in under two seconds. A high percentage of internet users have no patience to wait for a website to load. Low speeds for your website translate to low search engine rankings, and eventually lost customers. If your website’s load speed is low, it is time you redesigned it removing all the unnecessary plugins.

Check out your competitors

What features are missing in your website that are driving clients to your competitors? Does your website have a competitive edge over your competitors’? While it is not advisable to copy your competitor’s website, there is no harm in adding some basic elements to your website for inspiration purposes. You can focus more on features that they use to engage their visitors such as comments and reviews. Your goal here is to ensure that your website stands out when compared to the competitors’.

Review your call to action

A website might be designed well with all the necessary features that attract visitors to it but what is next after they have seen your content and services? You need to keep the conversation moving; from seeing the content that they want to taking action. Ensure that your call to action is clear to warrant a response from the visitors. Some of the most ideal calls to actions include asking your clients to fill a certain form, watch a video, or buy a given product. Choose a call to action that aligns with the services and/or products that you are selling.

Hire a professional

The individual or agency that you engage in your website resign matters a lot as far as the success of your website in attracting visitors is concerned. Get an individual or company that has the experience and the necessary professionalism in designing as well as redesigning corporate websites. However, before you hire anybody for this task it is important to evaluate their suitability in web design by looking at online reviews and recommendations from friends, family members and other business people.


Professional designers have the necessary qualifications in web designing and redesigning. Most professionals have crafted a name for themselves as top-notch web designers.