A lot of designers are going out of their way to create something special in the CSS of the wordpress theme that will make an impact.

But the fact remains, no CSS trick will ever compete with what Photoshop (or Illustrator) can provide in web layout, especially in such a competitive area like wordpress themes. Here is a selection of truly, incredibly breathtaking WordPress Themes that you can not only worship and admire, but also download 100% free and use for your blog. Enjoy!

1.  Puteulanus WordPress Theme [demo]


2.  Deskspace WordPress Theme [demo]


3.  Blogging Cream WordPress Theme [demo]

free wordpress theme

4. Fresh Citrus WordPress Theme [demo]


5. Modern Poison WordPress Theme [demo]


6.  Notepad Chaos WordPress Theme [demo n/a]

free wordpress theme

7. CreativeArt WordPress Theme



8. Twilight Saga WordPress Theme [demo not available]


9. Ariclare WordPress Theme [demo]


10. My Bay WordPress Theme [demo]


11. Grunge 2 WordPress Theme [demo]


12.  WPcoda WordPress Theme [demo]


13. Royal Orchid WordPress Theme [demo]


14.  Vietproblog WordPress Theme [demo] (drag the lamp in the demo, awesome effect!)


15.  Mill WordPress Theme [demo]


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15 Free (Highest Quality) WordPress Themes Designed in Photoshop

  1. Beautiful themes!
    I have one question: how do I put the title of my blog if I can not edit the header image?


  2. Hi,

    Have you ever think about starting your own blog? There are many great platforms, but by far the best is WordPress. It is simple to set up, however the themes just never fit my specifications. I looked for a simple solution to this problem and realized that there wasn’t one. I then had a template custom made for my needs and was so happy with the outcome. I then decided to build a website that would show the world how to easily hire an expert in wordpress design.

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