This tutorial will teach you how to create a stylish and eye-catchy Surfing Fashion Label Tag. As I live in a country where surfing is quite popular, I can confidently assure you that surfing fashion is different from other fashion brands, you will never mix a surfing fashion store with any other, both by color and style, so let’s get started..

Create A Stylish Surfing Fashion Label Tag

Step 1.

Pick a photo with a surfer. We picked a surfer girl (original photo by Chris Aschenbrener), and since our photo did not have a very strong contrast, we modified the levels a little bit.


Step 2.

Now we want to add sun rays that “shine” from the main character or figure. So create a new layer, and using the  custom shape tool, select the shape called “Registration target 2” (comes default in Photoshop), draw a circle as shown on the image below.


Leaving the rays just like this would be too plan and simple, so  we decided to create a more of a 3D, “in motion” effect and align the rays in same angle as the surfer slides down the waves.Press Ctrl + T and Right mouse click >> Distort. Pull the angles of the circle more or less as shown below to create the flying effect.


Press Enter to leave the shape as you distorted it.

Resterize the layer with the shape so that you’d be able to erase parts of it, and using the soft-edge big eraser brush, remove the edges of the rays to create a natural fading beams effect. Also, remove the parts of the rays that go over the main figure.


Finally, set the blending options of the rays layer to Soft.


Step 3.

Adding twirly shapes. Choose any of the twirly (or other shapes you like) that you have in your Photoshop collection and, using a new layer, draw a medium size shape. If you like the shape we used here, you can download it in PSD format, please not that this is a shape so you can enlarge it to any dimension you want without losing quality.