Before we switched to creating a Photoshop Tutorials blog, Lorelei Web Design was used as my portfolio website, where I frequently updated our readers with free wordpress themes and recently I got a few emails with people asking, what happened to these themes? Well, I guess it’s time to pamper the old readers a little and release a free wordpress design.

Our premium quality dark and mysterious design will be ideal for almost any kind of blog, from personal to business. Magic Tree wordpress theme contains no spammy links at the footer, moreover the footer is not encrypted so you can add and modify the layout as you like, though keeping the links to our website will be highly appreciated.  Fully SEO friendly code, nested comments, ready for Gravatars and widgets, custom inbuilt Admin panel for easy management of certain content on your blog. All this lays against a magical, dreamy and glow-rich design… Absolutely free to our blog readers!

Magic Tree Wordpress Theme Free for Our Readers - wordpress themes Lorelei Web Design

License:  PHP, HTML  and CSS are distributed under the General Public License. Images are a copyright property of their respective creators. Enjoy the theme and please leave a comment if you have any questions or want to share the url you are using it at.

Share: If you would like to share this theme on your blog, please link to this post and don’t link directly to our download URL. Web hosting provided for this theme is a courtesy of