Do you remember the day you launched your first website? You were probably tremendously excited: you were making the first steps towards creating your very own online empire. You had your products and services ready, you had a clear target in mind and all you needed to do was wait for sales to come in.

However, things are not always that easy, and definitely not today. Yes, you can easily build a website using a free tool such as Wix and create a stunning, personalized, business focused website that will perfectly match your needs. But is that enough? Or, better said, is that a good strategy on the long term? Probably not.


Wix Pro Gallery – The Design Feature That Boosts Sales - Blog Lorelei Web Design


“Why is that?!” you may ask. Unfortunately or not, nowadays aesthetics play a very important role in user behavior. The way your website looks is responsible for your clients’ initial opinion on your brand, and they make their impression in less than 50 milliseconds. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you need to impress them from the very first millisecond through outstanding, breathtaking design.

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t need to be. You can use the Wix website builder to create a beautiful website using their simple editor and huge range of apps. Plus, you can even reach out to one of their skilled designers to create a custom site – if you’re not a professional or simply need an extra hand, Wix allows you to get in touch with a website designer that will be able to tackle all your needs. You can find a designer in the Wix arena. They have a huge range of Wix experts that can help you take your website to the next level. Simply browse through their portfolios and choose the one that most appeals to you.

Another important thing that you need to take into consideration is that great images encourage users to spend more time on your website and even increase sales if placed in the right places. Even more, they have been proven to increase user interaction and engagement, as people are attracted to stunning, breathtaking images.

Wix Pro Gallery – The Design Feature That Boosts Sales - Blog Lorelei Web Design

A great tool that offers you highly qualitative images is Wix Pro Gallery. It allows you to display stunning photos that will make your website shine in ways that you can’t even imagine yet. Moreover, it features advanced image settings that will allow you to control both the quality and sharpness of your photos, leading to a final result that will please both your wishes and your users’ desires.

Some of the things that you can achieve through Wix Pro Gallery:

  • Set the sharpness of the pictures
  • Protect images through the built-in image control
  • Easily share on social media
  • Allow your visitors to ‘heart’ pictures with one click
  • Downloadable videos and photos feature available
  • Choose the layout you like most from 9 different choices

The basic package for which you don’t have to pay a dime has numerous features that will allow you to bring your vision to life, easily. Even more, they will encourage users to get closer to your brand’s culture, allowing them to explore and get excited with each step they take.

Furthermore, Wix Pro Gallery allows users to heart and leave comments, allowing you to receive feedbacks right from your audience. This way, improving yourself and your brand will be easy.

Wish to add even more personality to your website? Simply add a heart icon and allow your users to choose their favorites and download what they love most. In short, endless possibilities with one app.

Wix Pro Gallery – The Design Feature That Boosts Sales - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Through the right design, a larger percentage of visitors will be led through the sales cycle, meaning that you will be able to record an increase in sales. With Wix, navigating through your website will become a pleasure that will result in a higher retention rate and a boost in sales.

Regardless of what you’re selling or promoting, you’ll be able to significantly increase the quality of your website by giving visitors exactly what they want: a clean, modern, easy to use, stunning website. Even more, the effort on your side is minimal, due to the fact that Wix has been specifically created to minimize your efforts. After all, great ideas deserve to be easily exposed in the best possible way.

Allow Wix Pro Gallery to polish your efforts and let your idea shine, showing off the real value behind it. Users like seeing things in a new perspective that you will be able to achieve easily through Wix. Are you ready to let your website surprise you?