Ask any web design company their preferred e-commerce website infrastructure, and many would mention “Woo Commerce”. Why is this system chosen by so many brands and ecommerce stores worldwide? How would “Woo Commerce” benefit your digital operations as well? Where to find free stock photos for commercial use? Could you read our article to find out?

What is Woo Commerce?

For starters, it isn’t a standalone site builder. Instead, it’s an open-source WordPress plugin.

This implies that instead of registering for a solitary hosting-to-checkout system, WooCommerce works as a 3rd party integration within the greater infrastructure of WordPress.

To start with, consumers require to obtain hosting solutions from a web hosting company.

Next, they install and set up WordPress, the world’s most preferred content management system (CMS).

After building out the website design using a theme and enhancing performance, protection, and features with plugins, the user then installs and customizes WooCommerce to take care of the ecommerce feature of the website.

To put it simply, WooCommerce only works as a builder for the ecommerce portion of the website.

Ease of purchase

Once you have shuttled an individual to the product of curiosity, you now need to make certain their path to a completed purchase is hassle-free. Once again, this would imply minimizing the number of pages and form fills you require a user to undergo.

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For mobile customers, we advise you to have automatic form-filling capabilities that permit them to input details with their mobile phone promptly. Integrated with a minimised number of form questions, users should have the ability to breeze through the actual acquisition process.

It is also equally essential that you give various payment alternatives such as credit card, debit, Paypal or even bank transfer. This suits the user and ensures that they would not require establishing an extra payment channel to purchase your product.

100+ Payment options

Payment alternatives available in the base WooCommerce plugin include significant credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and also COD. If you need more versatility, over 100 payment combinations are offered, consisting of Stripe, Amazon Payments, and more.

Smooth Check Out Experience with Stripe

The Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to approve payments instantly in your shop, rather than redirecting consumers to the payment gateway’s web page. WooCommerce claimed that maintaining clients on your shop’s page during checkout has enhanced conversion levels.

Stripe is fairly straightforward to install and there are no configuration costs. It lets you accept different kinds of card credit payments in hundreds of different currencies.

Stripe is not accessible in every nation, and WooCommerce integrates with other reputable payment portals.

PayPal: A Widely Acknowledged Payment Choice

WooCommerce integrates with PayPal. The add-on is totally free and allows website owners in and beyond the USA of America to accept all significant debit and credit cards.

You can likewise earn money in a number of various currencies. Consumers don’t require a PayPal account due to the fact that all payments are processed through PayPal’s servers; this alternative supplies a high degree of security for you and your consumers.

How and Why Do Web Design Companies Choose Woo Commerce?

This article will provide you with an overview of why the best web design companies use Woo Commerce to build their online stores. Woo Commerce by Woo Themes is an e-Commerce platform that has taken the entire WordPress community by storm. It has become the most popular e-commerce platform in the world and holds this position quite easily. In fact, a recent report states that WooCommerce powers at least 30% of all online stores globally. Woo Commerce has everything web design companies need to create an eCommerce website.

Top web design companies use it because of its powerful features like:

Customization and adaptability

Woo Themes allow you to customize Woo Commerce however you like. You can add and remove any element, change the overall feel of your store, and do a lot more. The platform is very easy to customize and has everything web design companies need to create a website their clients will love.

What you need to know about WooCommerce for Web Design Companies and why websites are making the switch to the WooCommerce platform?

The costs associated with hosting and setting up your web server are higher, whereas WordPress is free, but there is a learning curve.

Why did web design companies soon realize that they were actually building e-commerce sites and not just blog sites anymore?

Typically, all information was manually uploaded, making it more complicated than other systems like Magento or, where data can be loaded through an excel sheet, making it easier than updating content by hand every time! When these web design firms noticed how much of their time was spent on administrative tasks instead of designing, it became clear that if they used Woo Commerce instead of WordPress, things would run more smoothly. All major browsers support Woocommerce, including Mozilla (v3).

Who needs a WooCommerce solution?

There are many providers of e-commerce software for web design companies. Woo Commerce is one of the best-known platforms, but it offers serious limitations in what you can do with CMS functionality to get really custom solutions.

Due to their different resource needs and skill sets, web design companies interested in offering Woo Commerce often find themselves spending too much time on things that should be automated or handled by a third-party provider. You need to make sure your designers have the necessary skills, which, assumably, they may not have if your business is new.

Additionally, your developers would need an interesting puzzle to work on outside of the constraints imposed by WooCommerce. They might choose OpenCart or Zen Cart out of curiosity or because they know about them already.

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