If you run your online business using Shopify, you must know that Shopify itself isn’t sufficient most of the time to cover all the options shop owners require. While Shopify itself comes packed with tons of ready-to-activate features, many companies seek integration with third-party apps that provide a broader scale of features.

One of the popular apps we are going to review today is LangShop. 

Translate Your Shopify Store with LangShop - Blog Lorelei Web Design

This Shopify multi language app solves three main problems when it comes to making e-shops global and international:

  1. Translates the pages automatically into other languages
  2. Makes the translated URLs SEO friendly and therefore, “searchable” globally.
  3. Supports multiple currencies on Shopify stores.

LangShop’s languages support for Shopify.

As the name suggests, this Shopify translation app provides lightning-fast ability to translate your shop into different languages. It offers both auto and professional translation into all the existing languages, and there are 241 of them. (241 languages are available only for auto and manual translation, fewer languages are available for professional translation. Text.Master provides professional translation into 50+ languages)

The LangShop app translates all types of Shopify store’s content, including the checkout page. This allows you to automatically make your Shopify store international and attract customers from all over the world.

LangShop Makes Your Shopify Business SEO Friendly Globally

Another problem many people encounter is that their shop isn’t SEO friendly. LangShop makes your Shopify website friendly for both visitors and search engines. 


How does it work?

All the translated pages get their own dedicated URLs that affect website SEO positively. This means, you only create your Shopify page once, in English, and get an SEO-friendly translated version of it in all the possible languages, without outsourcing translators and creating additional pages in various languages.

LangShop Multi-Currency Support

Since LangShop makes your website internationally friendly and accessible, it generally means that international shoppers prefer to see prices in their own currency. LangShop allows instant multi-currency integration.


Basically, your visitors will not only be able to view your e-shop and go through the checkout process in their native language, but they will also see the prices in their local currency. 

Trustworthy Integration.

More than 7000 already translated Shopify shops and over 1000 positive reviews from Shopify store owners, makes LangShop a trustworthy Shopify integration that is running since 2016. 

LangShop Pricing

Although LangShop is a premium app, it is very affordable, and even shops that are just getting started can easily afford it. LangShop offers a 14-days free trial, and if you are happy with the result, you can continue using the app for $34 a month. Considering the fact that this single integration opens the gates of your store to millions of potential international buyers, such a small monthly fee will probably pay out in no time.

Moreover, consider the fact that for the price of one app, you get the functionality of three apps, if we count in also the multi-currency integration and the creation of SEO-friendly international pages.

The 14-days trial allows you to play around with the app while developing your store, and unlike other Shopify apps, the price does not depend on the size of your store. Even if you run a substantial online-shopping mall, you will still only pay the standard monthly fee. 

Do We Recommend LangShop?

Considering the low price, the ease of use, the simple and seamless integration, the possibility of creating an international shop in just a few clicks, and multi-currency support, I’d definitely say LangShop is a must-have app for your e-commerce business.

Considering today’s state of the global economy after the crisis, more and more people worldwide are turning to the e-commerce and shopping business. Consumer’s behavior has changed as well, we see more people shopping online, after the pandemic, than they used to do before. 

It makes perfect sense that if you want to start an online business, you should do it on a global scale and target as many international customers as possible. 

After one week of use, I must say I fell in love with this app. As our readers know, we had started an e-shop a few weeks ago (which is still in the development phase). We constantly look into integrating new apps and features to enhance user experience and maximize buying potential.