Today, marketing effort is among the most crucial factors in the financial success of an enterprise. The way the product is explained and communicated to the prospective buyer has never been so important. Even if you have the very best solution to one’s problem without a proper communication approach you will never be able to sell it in the modern world. Implementing the latest trends and updates in the field is thus of vital significance for business value.

To begin with, let us look back at 2018 and its main trends. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely a chatbot revolution. These online customer service representatives literally disrupted the way people learn about the product or service offered to them. The second obvious breakthrough was in the way businesses started to use Instagram stories to post ephemeral content there. This allowed for greater authenticity and top-of-mind awareness.

Marketing Trends To Follow In 2019 - Blog Lorelei Web Design

How This Year Is About To Change The Industry

One can say that last year was pretty disruptive in terms of how new technologies were implemented in the advertising field. Good news is, this year has even more to offer. Get ready to jump into the augmented reality world and learn the possibilities of utilizing artificial intelligence to the utmost in the daily communication effort.

So, here are our most likely predictions for the social media marketing industry disruptions in the year 2019:

  • micro influencers: these guys will definitely make all the difference now. Obviously, the more subscribers an influencer has, the greater the audience can be reached with his or her recommendation. The issue here is that people are usually tired of constant ads these people put on their profiles and they do not pay attention anymore. The major shift to the micro influencers will enable local small- to medium-sized businesses to reach their targets more efficiently and with less financial investments;
  • customer service with AI: in the highly competitive business environment as we have it today it is of crucial importance to automate as many processes as possible. Moreover, 24/7 accessibility and promptness has never been so valued as it is in our highly fast-living world. This means that clients questions should be answered promptly and efficiently just the way AI solutions can ensure;
  • stories and IGTV: social media channels are fastly becoming the most effective communication channels for many industries. Therefore, it is advisable to create interesting, informative and high-quality content which is appearing somewhere in between the friends’ stories and invites to make a purchasing decision.
Marketing Trends To Follow In 2019 - Blog Lorelei Web Design

To wrap things up, being aware of what is going on in the industry is the first step on the way to ultimate success. If it is important for your professional development or your company’s profits, then keeping up with these trends can make a substantial difference to brand awareness and selling numbers. So, if you ever doubted the relevance of this kind of knowledge, rumor has it, this is an undoubtful must-know nowadays!