After there were a few complaints about the previous action we released where people could not get the colors to work right, we decided to fix this bug with out new “PSWISH Action 4 pro”, which works on fixed colors defined in the action itself. You are going to love this one, really. Any boring, dull, lifeless shot you have can be turned into a vivid, professionally retouched photo, just like you sometimes see in photography showcase galleries but have no idea how they have done that. So what does this action actually do? First of all, it fixes contrast, so dark photo become vibrantly yet naturally bright, however, we don’t use any mask layers to fix the dark fields. Next, it adds light rainbow overlay of colors that blend in perfectly with the content of your original photo. lastly, it adds very mild grain / sand effect, which as you know is very popular among professional photographers.

If you want to share this action, please link to this page, and not to the direct download. Also, needless to remind not to sell, offer free or redistribute this action under your own credits. All credits for this action creation are reserved to Photos used below are stock photos are are used for demonstration purposes ONLY.

Click on the following examples, to full view. As always, downloading is 100% free.