Flooring websites have proven over the past decade to attract new customers like never before, expand their customer base, and give businesses the upper hand they need to surpass competitors.

In fact, a survey by Pew Research showed that over 80% of flooring businesses demonstrated that their website has given their businesses the liberty to grow by increasing customers. That means that not having a website for your flooring business can leave you in the dark while making it hard to get more customers. Likewise, a study by Clutch showed that over 57% of customers don’t recommend a business without a website.

We know how difficult it is to build a website that represents your business, and that’s why we are here. In this article guide, we will give you the features you need to incorporate into your website that will make your business stand out from your competitors. Also, we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers. Hence, adequate concentration is needed for maximum retention of information.

6 Lead Generating Features to Include In Your Flooring Website Design

Good flooring company website designs without a flooring leads generation strategy is incomplete. To prevent this, consider the six features below during your flooring website design.

1.     Great UX Optimization

A good web design for flooring company should provide a nice user experience. Just as the user interface is important, so is the user experience. This is a good flooring website development feature, because it can help customers decide whether they will choose your business over others and whether your business will get a good rating from Google.

Over the years, a website with a good UX has been able to generate real flooring leads. Customers and potential customers only need to start maneuvering on your website. Not only that, Google also recognizes it, as most customers could end up visiting your flooring website with keywords like engineered floor installation, bamboo floor installation, concrete floor installation, and so on.

2.   Responsive Design

A flooring company web design should also ensure a responsive design. Building a website with a responsive design is needed to generate commercial leads. The reason is that a responsive website allows customers to explore every aspect of your website with any gadgets they have. In addition, responsive websites also offer additional benefits like mobile compatibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, professionalism, and so on.

3.   Well-placed call-to-actions (CTA)

Website designs for flooring contractors should incorporate well-placed call to action (CTA). With that, customers can be compelled to purchase from you or utilize your service. A flooring website without one is like a house that is well-built but inaccessible due to the absence of doors. A CTA is like a door fixed all around the house to provide easy access from any corner where occupants find themselves. Hence, CTAs should be placed strategically throughout the site to encourage customers to take action on your website. For your information, apart from the benefits listed above, there are likewise lots of benefits associated with them, like directing users to take the required action, contacting you with a simple click, increasing the user experience, which Google recognizes well, helping you monitor your success, and helping find the right flooring marketing channel that is generating the most CTA.

4.   Easy Navigation Journey

Easy navigation that will provide a free and fair journey through your website is essential. The reason is that navigation is the feature that tells whether customers will leap, move, or run through your website. If your website lacks navigation, customers will find it hard, and the most likely thing they will do is exit your website. Hence, a well-designed navigation structure is needed to help customers feel welcome and comfortable using your website.

5.    Key Flooring Pages

Your website should not be limited to one page. Customers should have the liberty to access the information they need and to present your website as a professional one. Typical examples of these features include the homepage, about, your services, portfolio, customer reviews, contact us, blog, emergency services, and the like.

6.   On-Page Flooring SEO

Another feature to include in your flooring is on-page search engine optimization (SEO). In most cases, this goes with the content on your website. You don’t want to post ordinary content not stuffed with rich keywords because well-structured keywords allow search engines to index your content and determine how well your flooring website is relevant for the search. Likewise, you should include meta descriptions, use header tags properly, optimize images/videos, internal linking structures, and so on.

Flooring Website Design: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a flooring website?

You need a flooring website because it will serve as the storefront that will introduce your business and services to people. A website—a well-designed website that will create a good first impression on your customers—is the one you need.

How do I build a flooring website?

With the possibility of building your website yourself with the recent applications that allow DIY (drag and drop), you might need to contact a professional to help you. In fact, It is more advisable to utilize flooring contractor web design services, as they are more experienced with the features that make flooring marketing efficient. You want to ensure your website has an easy UI with the right features to make customers explore your website comfortably and check out your services.

What should a flooring website have?

In general, your flooring website should contain everything your business entails. Other features should include an easy-to-navigate website, an attractive design, high-quality professional photos and videos, etc.

How do you increase flooring website conversions?

Increasing flooring website conversions can seem like a big deal, but it isn’t if you play it smart. What do we mean? Well, displaying testimonials and reviews you have gotten from customers can help to create more trust in the minds of potential customers and help compel them to use your services.

Final Thoughts

For a successful flooring company web design, some necessary features are required, and we have shared them with you. Why should you play ignorant when you already have the information at your fingertips? Dive into designing that website today by incorporating all the above features for the best retail flooring website design ever.