Is your current work laptop on its last legs? Is it lagging, unreliable, and constantly shutting down? You don’t want to reach the point where it’s unusable and you aren’t able to do your work, so it’s best to start hunting for a new laptop now. With that said, the laptop market is vast and with so many available choices, it can be rather overwhelming to pick a “perfect” model. Here’s a look at five features that are worth getting on your work laptop, allowing you to better pinpoint what would be ideal for your needs.

The Screen Size Will Be Important

Before you get into the weeds of the details, you’ll want to determine the best screen size for your needs. Some people don’t mind a smaller screen whereas others want as big of a screen as possible. If you’re doing a lot of detail work and eyestrain is a concern, the bigger screen will make sense. Then again, if you want the laptop to be as lightweight and mobile as possible, the smaller screen means it takes up less room and can be easier to tote around with you.

Also on the topic of screens, touchscreens are quite trendy nowadays but this isn’t necessarily a “need”. Ask yourself if that will make your tasks easier and if so, you can add it to the priority list.

The Battery Life Needs to Be Impressive

The whole point of work laptops is that they allow you to be mobile, work on the go, and not worry about a power source. So, with that in mind, be sure to look at the specs when it comes to the battery life. Ideally, you want to aim for at least nine hours’ worth of battery life and a fast-charging device. This will get you through a full workday before you need to worry about charging it again.

What Platform Do You Want?

Perhaps the biggest question to ask yourself is what platform you want and need for your laptop? There are macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows and each one has its list of pros and cons. You may wish to stick with what you know or try something else. Consider how your software will work on each and its functionality when thinking about your work tasks.

The Brains of Your Laptop Matter

Now it’s on to the brain of your laptop, which is the CPU. This will have a huge effect on how functional the laptop is, so you want to be picky when shopping. Look for the best processor your budget will allow, this ensures higher speeds, a more stable performance, the ability to handle more programs and tasks at once, and those that draw less power to operate. For the best performance, look for Intel Core i9 and higher.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Finally, ask yourself how much storage you’ll need. This will cause big price variances, but it also impacts the performance. Again, opt for the highest storage your budget allows.

A Laptop That Gets the Job Done

By considering these features, you’ll be able to narrow down the options and find a laptop that gets the job done.