This tutorial was originally posted on and moved for technical reasons. Ok, yesterday I posted that old gold pic I made and Dale asked for a tutorial so here we go… in case you forgot what am I talking about, we are going to make this text effect:

So… Make a new canvas, and fill it with black color (#000000). Please note that this tutorial will only good against dark, ideally – black background. We leave a dark border around the text, which is invisible to you now, though if we take a lighter hue for the bg, you will notice that the effect looks different, a lot less interesting.

Next, type a word on your canvas. Make sure you use a very bold font. We used ‘Yikes!’ for this tutorial.

Go to Layer >> Layer Styles >> Blending Options, and apply the following settings:


Photoshop Tutorial – Ancient Rough Gold Effect, Perfect for Game Logos and Text

  1. Hi, in mail i received you had written and asked for tutorials you said not text effects and other… then why this text effect tutorial ?

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