How to Make Money Online from Photoshop Tutorials

There are a few ways to make money online with Photoshop, but it is only with tutorials that I have noticed that the money is almost guaranteed. In the following article, I will explain how I generate quite a lot of money every month by creating Photoshop tutorials. Of course I make it just because I love photoshop and want to share my knowledge, but it can be a potential passive income channel if you are a webmaster.

The greatest thing about this method is that the income is recurring and will slow down but won’t stop for many months after you put in the work and effort. People will keep linking to you, recommending your website to others and more and more databases will pull your tutorial back to the surface once they notice it. You can just relax, sit back and see the income flowing in. Here is a step-by-step overview of the process.


1. Buy a domain name.
Whatever it is, just be sure to work the term “tutorials” into the domain name and avoid the term “Photoshop” to make sure you won’t run into any copyright issues later and have your domain taken away from you. Many hosts give a free domain with each annual sign u: and others.. Just check the web for good deals, or any of the hosting comparison websites to make sure you won’t pay much, at least not at first.

2. Create a website to showcase your tutorials.
One of the easiest methods is to download WordPress and set it up with a nice template for showing the new tutorials you create.

3. Create a few tutorials for Photoshop. (doh..)
The tutorial does not have to be super fancy; however, the better and more sophisticated the tutorial, the more traffic you will get. Be sure to also include screen captures to help explain the tutorials for every step. You can see some examples of my tutorials, and traffic they generate, good tutorials receive over 10,000 hits in half a year, and this is just ONE tutorial submitted to ONE tutorials database site!

4. Add Adverts.

This is the most important step, be sure you didn’t skip it. Add your Adsense code inside the body of your tutorial or at the end.
If you are not an Adsense member, then sign up and become one, because this technique works best with Adsense. You can also try this with Affiliates (on I am promoting Lunar Pages — they give a lot of bonuses so it’s easy to make people sign up as well as Text Link Ads, you register free and sell ads, very easy to refer people since they don’t need to pay!), although I have noticed that overall, I have made more income from Adsense than from direct sales so far on this blog. Another alternative would be so sign up to a banner sales website that measures hits, such as, which I recently discovered to be very profitable, and having a massive flow of hits can bring you a few good sales.

5. Upload and submit your tutorial.
After creating your tutorial, upload it in WordPress to your website. Get the URL for the tutorial and then submit it to the tutorial submission websites. You can find a fantastic post by with a few dozens of high traffic Photoshop Tutorials websites.

After you have done the above 5 steps, just wait for your tutorials to get accepted by the tutorial submission sites. Once they get accepted, your tutorial URL will be featured on their sites as a direct link. You will then begin to get clicks on the Adsense ads. Even with a click-through-rate of about 1% you will still see the revenue flowing in. You may even be shocked to see how much traffic these tutorial submission sites will generate for you!

Good luck!

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    tnx a lot, i`ve downloaded the program, installed it. Didn`t get into all features but there are some results already. My account is slowly filling with cash.
    Great thanx:-)

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    Where I come from girls are considered to know nothing about IT, but my girls and I started a blog and promoted it to receive some visits. It’s a start but we will not back down from this challenge.

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