Ultra Glossy Liquid Metal Text Effect

This tutorial is mostly based on Layer style settings and a combination of a lot of Curves. When combined together, they give a rich, deep and glossy / beveled look to the text.

Let’s get started, create a new canvas, we used 600*500 size and filled it with very dark blue-gray color: #2d3134. We also made a little spot in the middle, to highlight the future effect.

Using Arial Rounded MT Bold font, type your word.

Since we are going to create a “liquid” metal effect, we want the letter to organically stick to each other and create the illusion of liquid material filling them, so for this purpose we seen to set the tracking for the selected characters to -40. If you are using very big font or simply another font where characters are placed more far apart, you will need to set this setting to -100 or maybe even more. Just look and see what seems to be the best option for your font.

No the most important part begins, go to layer styles palette (Layer >> Layer Styles >> Blending Options) and start applying the following values to each Option you have on the left column…

Begin with dropping the shadow. We wanted to have a relatively sharp shadow, so we set the size to 3, however if you wish to have it more blurred, chose settings of 15pixels or bigger.

For the shadow’s quality, we made a custom Contour, please see the mapping below:

Proceed to Inner Shadow…

here we used Ring – Double Contour settings for the Quality, if you don’t have these contours in your Photoshop, please see our mapping:

Inner Glow is also important, the more opacity  you are going to add, the paler your text will end up being so we decided to set it to 57%, I could have reduced it to even less but then it would be hardly visible. All depends on the initial color you are working with.

Use the following Photoshop Contour for Inner Glow settings:

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