Awesome Text Effect With Sparkles 80’s Disco Style

This is what we are going to do today, this very simple tutorial will lead to an awesome effect!

Start off by creating a new canvas, 450*250 pixels. It doesn’t matter with what colour you fill it as we will overlay it with a gradient effect later.

Make a new layer, and fill it with a gradient overlay, to do so, just go to Layer >> Layer styles >> Gradient. Organize the colour buckets as shown on the picture below, here are the colours you would need, from left to right:
#020e60 … #fefefe … #020f5e… #020e60

Select the typing tool and type a word right over the whitish line. Don’t choose a slim font, we used “Spin Cycle” here, download it free at

Go to Layer >> Layer styles >> Blending options, and apply these settings

Blending options:

Drop shadow:

Inner shadow:

Inner Glow:

Bevel and emboss:


Be sure to copy all the settings correctly, else it won’t look the same, especially the gradient and bevel settings.


Colours for inner gradient overlay, from left to right:
#000000 … #909090 … #fdf7f9 … #a7a7a7 … #787878 … #ffffff

Gradient Overlay:

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  1. eric says:

    I used to be a member in your forum, what happened to it? I see most of the tutorials moved over here. Will LW forum be closed?

  2. esspress says:

    That’s really cool…

  3. LarryLar says:

    Cool gonna try this

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