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Top 10 AI Tools for Web Design

Tool NameDescriptionPriceGet Here
1. Divi AI Website BuilderAn AI-powered website builder from Elegant Themes, promising intuitive design with minimal effort.Starts at $89/yearhttps://www.elegantthemes.com/divi/
2. FigmaA collaborative web-based design tool for interface design, prototyping, and handoff.Free (Starter), Paid plans availablehttps://www.figma.com/
3. WebflowA visual web development platform to design, build, and launch responsive websites without coding.Free (Starter), Paid plans availablehttps://webflow.com/
4. Adobe XDA vector-based UX/UI design tool for web and mobile apps, offering wireframing, prototyping, and more.Free (Starter), Paid plans availablehttps://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html
5. SketchA vector graphics editor for macOS focused on UI/UX design for websites and mobile apps.$99/year (Individual)https://www.sketch.com/
6. InVision StudioA collaborative prototyping and animation tool, allowing designers to create interactive mockups.Free (Starter), Paid plans availablehttps://www.invisionapp.com/
7. FramerA powerful prototyping tool with code components for advanced interactions and animations.Free (Starter), Paid plans availablehttps://www.framer.com/
8. WordPress (with Elementor or Divi Builder)A flexible content management system (CMS) often paired with page builders for enhanced design capabilities.Free (WordPress), Paid plans for plugins/themeshttps://wordpress.org/
9. CanvaA graphic design platform with templates for social media, presentations, and basic web design elements.Free (Basic), Paid plans availablehttps://www.canva.com/
10. Affinity DesignerA professional graphic design application for macOS, Windows, and iPad, offering vector and raster tools.One-time purchase (varies by platform)https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/

Best AI Tools for Web Development

Absolutely! Here’s a table featuring some of the best overall AI tools available in 2024:

AI Tool NameWhat It Does?Price
1. ChatGPT (by OpenAI)A powerful language model excelling at generating human-like text, code, and creative content.Free (Limited), Paid plans available
2. Jasper AIAn AI writing assistant that helps create blog posts, marketing copy, and other types of content.Starts at $29/month
3. MidjourneyAn AI-powered image generation tool that can create stunning visuals from text descriptions.Free trial, Paid plans available
4. Murf AIA versatile AI voice generator that can create realistic voiceovers with customizable accents and tones.Free (Limited), Paid plans available
5. Pictory AIAn AI video creation tool that can automatically generate videos from blog posts or scripts.Free trial, Paid plans available
6. Copy.aiAn AI-powered copywriting tool that can generate engaging ad copy, social media posts, and more.Free (Limited), Paid plans available
7. GrammarlyAn AI-powered writing assistant that helps check grammar, spelling, and tone in your writing.Free (Basic), Paid plans available
8. DescriptAn AI-powered audio and video editor that can transcribe, edit, and even overdub your content.Free (Limited), Paid plans available
9. SynthesiaAn AI-powered video generation platform that can create videos with AI avatars speaking in multiple languages.Paid plans available
10. RunwayMLA creative toolkit for artists and developers that allows you to experiment with AI models for various tasks.Free (Limited), Paid plans available