This is yet another great action for adding glamorous look to an ordinary dull photo. Developed and offered freely by iScarlett on DeviantART. What does it do? It adds intensity to the colours (contrast), adds a bit of glow and lightens the image. As a result, any simple photo taken in domestic light conditions can be brought to a stage of professional photography.

It’s particularly useful because it applies same settings to ANY photo, which means you need not sit and reduce darkness or add contrast manually for each photo. The downside of the action, just like any other action, is that if your photo is originally too light, this action will add too much contrast and as a result the outcome will hurt the eyes.
The Skin Glow Enhancement action was made by the author in CS3, and has not been tested in earlier versions of Photoshop so I guess anyone with CS2 and lower version just have to try and see if it works.

Download and details about this release here.