Adobe Systems Incorporated is engaged in building applications useful for photography, Web applications, designing etc. Adobe Photoshop cs3 (creative suite3) is the latest version of applications launched by Adobe systems on March 17, 2007. This is a highly professional application most suitable for photographers, designers and web site developers. Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite was initially introduced in 2003. The first two versions were named CS and CS2 which were available in two editions namely Standard and Premium. Adobe Photoshop cs3 is a widely updated version with so many additional features. Adobe has decided to market it under six different editions. With its new and powerful editing tools and smart filters it gives enough reasons for a user to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop cs3. The upgraded features offer more flexibility and faster work flow.

Editions and their applications

  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium has a toolkit which is most useful for designing for web, printing, mobile design etc.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design standard mainly lays focus on professional print design.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard helps website developers with its advanced tools and features.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium is featured with the most advanced and latest web development tools.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium is most helpful to Professionals in Video photography for editing purposes.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection is a comprehensive package for all designing needs for print, web, mobile, video, film etc.


Smart Editing toolset: Adjusting color of pictures, editing the images, blur and sharpen them are some smart features which makes Adobe Photoshop cs3 the most suitable application for professionals related to photography and designing.

Drawing and painting tools: Wide varieties of drawing tools, artistic brushes and paint settings allows user of Adobe Photoshop cs3 to create and modify better quality images.

Selection and edge refining tools: Selecting and refining portions of an image with the click of a button is made easy with these tools.


Compositing features: There are more advanced layer aligning and compositing features in Adobe Photoshop cs3.

Better Printing quality: With more updated color management features, a bigger print preview window, more print control options – printing experience in Adobe Photoshop cs3 is much better than before.

Compatible with more file formats: JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR,Cineon, PSD, BMP, TIFF etc. are all supported by Adobe Photoshop cs3.

User Community

Designers, Developers and Educators form the most vital portion of the user community of Adobe Photoshop cs3 application. In designing it has a solution for every industry be it manufacturing or services. Web designing, print designing etc. has got a certain facelift with the help of Adobe Photoshop cs3. Photography Industry is one which is largely benefited with its applications. What would have been a photographers unachieved dreams are all being turned into reality with the tools and applications available in the software package. Video Editing and Digital imaging have reached highest standards all with the help of none other but Adobe Photoshop cs3. Education, teaching and learning has got an edge with the help of advanced curriculum and digital experiences.

Before you find more information on photoshop cs3 tutorial, get the CS3 because overall, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite3 is a designers dream come true.