Summer is my favorite season and, like most of us, I spent the majority of my offline, either on the beach or traveling.  And, just like many of us, I end up with a lot of summer expenses and very little income.  However, if we talk in terms of traditional hard labor, then yes – summer is not the best season to make money, since both partners and clients are spending great deal of of their time relaxing, instead of  investing in their business. On the other hand, though, there are still plenty of legitimate and easy ways to make money online, and actually enjoy the process in the meantime. And while I do agree, that it sounds like a scam scheme — it’s not. You probably heard from your friends and colleges, who bet and gamble online for fun, but unfortunately not many are doing it correctly. While there is no bullet-proof way to make money while having fun, there are certain ways to enhance your chance of winning and here we are going to share some of them.

Make Use of Bonuses

Don’t underestimate the power of welcome bonuses that the gambling vendors are offering. If you have a promotional code to use with a certain trustworthy vendor, such as, for example – Sugarhouse casino, you can dramatically increase your chances of winning, since you will get $20 absolutely free and can try your luck without actually losing money, in the classical sense. Also, you will get a lot of “side bonuses” such as free spins for every win and VIP benefits.

Use Truth-Worthy Websites

Always make sure, that you do not fall a prey of malicious websites and fraudulent vendors. Be sure to check, if the website uses a secure badge (the green icon at the beginning of your URL window) and has reviews and links from other trustworthy sources. If websites you know of are linking to that websites or offer reviews, it’s most likely legit.

Have a Plan

Never sit to gamble out of boredom, under the influence of alcohol, or without having a properly allocated budget. If you don’t have a plan, a segmented sum of money that you KNOW you can afford to lose, in worst case scenario, you can sabotage your finances, instead of making money.Is Your Summer Vacation Making You Money? - Blog Lorelei Web Design Also, gambling under the influence of any kind of substance, makes you less aware, more brave, and in vast majority of cases – impulsive. You will more likely make the wrong decision if you aren’t sober.

Track your luck

While I am not a believer myself, nor do I follow any esoterical practice, I must say that luck (at least mine) does have ups and downs, and I can honestly say, that some days, or weeks are a lot more “lucky” than others. Keep a diary of your successful days, try and figure out your lucky pattern and perhaps abundance will just be a matter of mathematical or astronomical calculation, not a chaotic stroke of luck. In anyway: Good Luck! 🙂