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Again a very easy and basic tutorial that doesn’t require much knowledge and experience with photoshop.

Create a new layer, dark brown or any hue. Select the typing tool and type any word / letter on it. I have chosen to use the #d99003 colour for my text, font called ‘Ballpark Weiner’ (available for a free download : ) However, if you select any other orange hue, it would still be great.. dont forget that in order to achieve “gold”, you need to start off with orange color.


Click on Layer >> Layer Style >> Shadow.
Apply the following settings:


Go to Bevel and Emboss tab and apply the following settings:


Now, for the final touch, click on Filter >> Render >> Lightening effect. Apply these settings on the background layer (not to the text!) in order to give your canvas a little bit more depth. Naturally, this is an optional step, but is highly recommended in order to make your final result look truly polished.