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A product of the Real Time Gaming, Casino Titan Review is here to bring you a quick look at one of the best online casino games that one can come across. Casino Titan was launched in 2009 and since then has been one of the favourites of online gamblers. Relatively a newcomer on the block, the game doesn’t require any download and can be played your very own browser.


There are over 100 online games in its portfolio with an array of all slots casino games and table games, card games. You can also choose from blackjack, roulette. It also offers video poker and leisure games like keno and arcade games. It also gives a payout percentage of more than 98%. One can choose to play using US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euro.


Casino Titan Review offers a great insight into high-rollers impressive layout. The casino has one of the smoothest and most realistic interfaces, a lobby that offers easy navigation through the games. With a very intuitive and neat format, the high-rollers first impression is the best impression.

Bonuses and Promotions

Here is news for you from the Casino Titan Review. For zero deposits, you get to earn $7 bonus. And if you are hungry for more, you can win up to $1000 with the first deposits. Now, here are the types of deposits you can make:

For $750 first deposit free play bonus, the high roller needs you to make a deposit of $1000 or more. And once you start playing, you receive this reward instantly. Then there is the second deposit that brings you up to 300% bonus of up to $900. And lastly, the ones that give you 10% cash back. To cash in on this, you need to make at least $50 deposit. This makes you entitled to $250 per month (which is an aggregate sum of bonuses), per account. However, for a fair play, you have to wager a little more than double your deposit plus bonus amount. But this wins you amount more than your deposit so you can smile your way to the bank; for instance, wager minimum $250, deposit $100 and earn $10 bonus. First four deposits can earn you up to $3,000. This is the best online casino bonuses gratis in the arena.

Loyalty Clubs

Much like online high-rollers, Casino Titan offers promotional programs like the VIP Club, Weekly Bonuses, Loyalty Program and Comp Points.

Transactions and Payouts

Casino Titan has acquired license from Netherland Antilles and promises to be of the most safest and honest and fair high-rollers. It offers highest and best security and authenticity so all your transactions and money remains safe. Its servers are hosted by RTG. The high-roller uses128 bit encryption and high firewalling. If you want a high out of random cashless gambling, Casino Titan offers fun modes using same servers and random number generators used for cash casino games. This is something you can try without doubting the results as these are facilitated by the RTG gambling software. This software been tested by leading international accounting firm for millions of game rounds giving out 100% random results. The casino software is also examined periodically by an independent third party accounting firm.

Casino Titan offers help to gamers all days of the week for all the 24 hours. You can either get in touch with them on the phone or by fax or by e-mailing them.