The Photoshop program is the leading product of the Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe specializes in digital imaging software. In its recent incarnations, the Photoshop application has been merged with other Adobe programs under the Creative Suite enterprise. The most recent version of the Adobe Photoshop is CS3, meaning that it is the third version of Photoshop since it was included in the Creative Suite umbrella of software.

Like most digital imaging applications, Photoshop has several plug-ins/add-ons or additional tools that can be used in creating and editing digital images. Aside from the standard cut, paste, select, draw and color fill tools; additional options and effects can be loaded as well. Once the add-ons and plug-ins are added, they can be used to enhance the creations that can be made using the programs.

Several software programmers and designers have also taken the time and effort to build on the existing Photoshop program to enhance its capabilities. These downloadable plug-ins and add-ons are often available for free from a number of online sources. What’s important is to make sure the program being downloaded as a Photoshop add-on is compatible with the Photoshop program version you already have installed as well as the safety and security of the file.

Most Photoshop add-ons focus on certain functionalities such as layer styles, actions, scripts, brushes, patterns, gradients, frames, textures and displacement maps. These are made to add to Photoshop’s existing library of tools.

One example of a widely available Photoshop download is Harry’s Filters which is a free downloadable add-in that was created by Harald Heim. The latest released version of the application is version 3.01. What the application does is it allows users to create effects for images by using its own menu box separately from Photoshop. The program has 69 filters available and ready for use once it is downloaded to accompany the Adobe Photoshop. The Harry’s Filters program can then be used to create several image effects, particularly some very realistic ones.

Another useful tool to add to Photoshop would be one that removes the red-eye effect in pictures. The red-eye effect happens when light is reflected by a subject’s eye as a photo is being taken. It is one of the most common things that happen when you are taking a picture of a person in the relative darkness.

The program to remove the red-eye effect is called RedEye Pro developed by Andromeda Software. The plug-in removes the redness of the eyes while retaining the original eye color and the shiny and reflective surface of a typical eye. It does the adjustment without making it look as if the eye has been retouched. The RedEye Pro application also works on eyes that are not perfectly circular such as animal eyes. It is available for free download from selected sources.