There are quite a few trends in web design right now. Some still use a lot of twirly flowerly ornaments, others, following the trends dictated by and have proceeded to glowing lines and starry psychedelic effects but the problem remains with creating the shape in the first place. While some designers, like myself, prefer working with Photoshop shapes, it looks like brushes are still a far more popular and accessible tool for many, so here are the top 10 brushes releases for Summer 2008, which can help you greatly in your artwork or web design.1.  Twirly Glowing Lines Photoshop Brushes

photoshop brushes - abstract glow effect

2. Abstract Glowing Lines Photoshop Brushes

glowing lines - photoshop brushes - free download

3. Scanlines Photoshop Brushes

scanlines photoshop abstract brushes - free download

4.  Da Vinci Tarot Cards Photoshop Brushes

79 brushes (78 cards + back image) - made in PS2 - free download

5. Old Maps Texture Photoshop Brushes

Old Maps Texture

6.  Victorian Botanical Photoshop Brushes

Victorian Botanicals Free Photoshop Brushes

7. Enchanting Flowers Ornaments Photoshop Brushes

7. Enchanting Flowers Ornaments photoshop brushes

8.  Slightly Oriental Ornament Photoshop Brushes

8.  Slightly Oriental Ornament Photoshop Brushes

9. Halftone Grungy Photoshop Brushes

9. Halftone Grungy Photoshop Brushes

10.  Bubbles Brushes for Photoshop

10.  Bubbles Brushes for Photoshop

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Photoshop Brushes – Top 10 Releases for Summer 2008

  1. These are photoshopped. I can tell by some of the pixels and having seen quite a few shops in my time.

  2. On there own, these small quick-reference guides are handy to have around. But stay tuned as we add more each month. Soon you’ll have your own small 3×5 flipbook with the best shortcuts and tricks for all of Photoshop’s tools.

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