Design a 3D Newspaper Cropped Text Effect

I have played around with them just a bit and this is my result… Also try not to glue them too closely, else you will have difficulty applying the shadow later on.

Now load the selection of the “news” text, remember how to do that? Just hold the CTRL key pressed and click on the “news” layer the one we just re-arranged.

Create a new layer below the “news” layer and select it in the Layers Panel, so it will turn blue. While it’s blue and selected, Choose the Paint Bucket and fill the selection with black or very dark gray color. Please see our illustration below:

Press Ctrl + T while the shadow is still selected, and then right mouse click and choose “Wrap” from the small menu with option. Try to wrap your shadow in a way similar to ours, by dragging the corners of the square. When you are done, simply hit ENTER. Remember that if while working with the Wrap tool, you will switch view to a different canvas in your Photoshop, your work will be lost so finish and hit “enter” first!

Set the shadow layer’s blending mode to “Multiply” and about 75% opacity.

Load the selection of “news” text again, but now we are back to working with the newsletters layer.

Create a new layer on top of all the other layers, and select the Brush Tool with #FFFFFF (white) foreground color and very big, soft brush, we are using 200 pixels here. Apply a few dots on the edges of the text, to give it a nice gloss and gradient effect, we did here:

  • at the bottom of “N” letter.
  • at the top of “E” letter.
  • at the bottom of “W” letter.
  • at the top of “S” letter.

When you are done with the gloss application (remember that it has be very mild), set the opacity of this layer to 56%.

Next, get back to the newspaper layer and go to Layer >> Layer Styles >> Bevel and Emboss. Apply the following settings, using the “Driven Snow” texture, which should come pre-installed in Photoshop CS2+ versions.

This will give a very mild yet visible effect of crumbled paper to the font. With the slight gradients and 3D shadows we have created, this text looks incredibly realistic on our screen. Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and please feel free to download the psd file for learning purposes — FREE!