75 Best WordPress Plugins That Make Bloggers Lives Easier

WordPress is fun and blogging can, at some point, turn from a weekends hobby to a full time business online. Sounds familiar? But if you do consider making your blog a business, or at least taking it to a professional level, you will need to enhance your platform with some plugins. galleries to showcase your work, easy to manage contact form, and finally, ads management — plugins make the life so much easier, adverts will be removed automatically once expired and images will automatically be resized to optimize your blog for faster loading — that means YOU save a great deal of time and can us this free time to make more content or work offline. Here is a list of 100 Best plugins that you absolutely must have in order to smoothly run a creative, professionally looking WordPress blog. However, the great thing about the new wordpress version is that you can add these plugins even if you do not host your blog on a paid web hosting, i.e. WordPress.com hosted blogs can benefit just as well.

1. YouTube Videobox Widget

With Youtube Video Box Plugin you can add unlimited number of sidebar widgets to display Youtube videos in XHTML valid format.

This plugin also allows you to easily customize width and height of the videos directly in your widget panel. Optional function that enhances this plugin gives you the ability to chose colors in YouTube and enable or disable them in your widget panel. This plugin is ideal for those of you who wish to display several videos in easy-to-manage widgets, yet maintain a XHTML valid, SEO friendly website code.

Compatible with any java / ajax powered plugin, doesn’t affect the loading time and thanks to its’ lite structure, will not crash your site.


2. Akismet

Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short) is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again.


3. WP Ajax Edit Comments

WP Ajax Edit Comments (for WP 2.5+) allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.


4. OpenID

OpenID is an open standard that allows users to authenticate to websites without having to create a new password. This plugin allows users to login to their local WordPress account using an OpenID, as well as enabling commenters to leave authenticated comments with OpenID. The plugin also includes an OpenID provider, enabling users to login to OpenID-enabled sites using their own personal WordPress account. XRDS-Simple is required for the OpenID Provider and some features of the OpenID Consumer.


5. GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating plugin allows you to set up rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog. I featured this plugin some time ago already, but this is totally related to comments.


6. Comment Rating

Allows visitors to rate comments in Like vs. Dislike fashion with clickable images. Poorly-rated & highly-rated comments are displayed differently.


7. Clicky

While Google Analytics provides you with a long-term perspective on your site metrics, Clicky gives you instantaneous feedback. The dashboard includes traditional site metrics, but also offers cool features, like “Spy”, which pinpoints the location of current visitors on a map. It’s an easy way to get a snapshot of your site’s current activity and, in conjunction with Google Analytics gives you a comprehensive overview of your site’s activity.


8. Twitter Avatars In Comments

Self explaining comment title, plug-in that uses Twitter to show avatars in comments in WordPress blogs.


9. SI CAPTCHA for WordPress

Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form, login, or all. In order to post comments or regiser, users will have to type in the phrase shown on the image. This prevents spam from automated bots. Adds security. Works great with Akismet. Also is fully WPMU and BuddyPress compatible.


10. Old Post Promoter

Old Post Promoter will choose posts at random from your published collection and change their publication dates so that they will appear on your front page and in your RSS feed.  Note that this does not work if your permalink structure includes dates.


11. TinyMCEComments

This plugin turns the comment field from a primitive into a WYSIWYG editor, using the internal TinyMCE library bundled with WordPress 2.0 or up, without the need of another separate installation. Functions that only available to writers like adding images were removed and will not show up in the toolbar.


12. CommentLuv

This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog posts, tweets or digg submissions which they can choose one from to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.


13. SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

Further SEO Smart links allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs. Finally SEO Smart links allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in new window.


14. Theme Options

This plugin manages theme customization. Everything is managed in the WordPress Backend. Code snippets can be activated, copied, created, deactivated, deleted, edited, and uploaded. For comments you can highlight different comments based who wrote them and where they are, also nice feature to automatically add “about author” section.


15. WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin which provides users with better navigation on your WordPress site. Starting in version 1.1, WP-Paginate can also be used to paginate post comments!


16. @ Reply

This plugin allows you to add Twitter-like @reply links to comments. When clicked, those links insert the author name and a link to the comment you are replying to in the textarea.


17. IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate Comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website. Custom integration with your WordPress admin panel makes moderation a piece of cake. Comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, along with Twitter and friendfeed integrations enrich your readers’ experience and make more of the internet aware of your blog and comments which drives traffic to you!

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  1. SHAY says:

    I’ve been looking all over for this!


  2. I thought this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

  3. good Job
    Keep it going

  4. Sean says:

    Great list of plugins.
    It always amazes me how much there is to chose from.

    The only question that I come up with is. Which of these plugins add the most functionality to a site & which are just bells & whistles?!

    I guess (as always) it all depends on what is required.

    Thanks for the post : )

    PS: Are you using any of these on your loreleiwebdesign site?

    • Lorelei says:

      Hi Sean,

      Well, I guess functionality is a matter of preference. So many people are crazy about galleries and I find them pretty useless LOL.
      On Lorelei Web design I try to keep the plugins to the utmost minimum as we have a huge CPU usage and too many plugins makes the problem worse. I do use however:
      Akismet, FeedBurner FeedSmith, NoLIP: Nofollow Links in Posts (did I list it here?), TweetMeme Retweet Button, W3 Total Cache and WP-Spam free.

  5. Denny says:

    great list, i must say very good picks.

  6. emily says:

    Awesome, thanks for the list, make me want to switch to WordPress! LOL

  7. Don Elliott says:

    Nice compilation! There are several plugins here that I haven’t run across before and appear to be very useful. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

    -Don Elliott

  8. Great post.wow I like the presentation style of your blog.I think this post will so much useful & informatics for all reader.Keep blogging

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  11. That is probably the biggest and most comprehensive list of wordpress plugins ever made, thanks for that 🙂

  12. rick says:

    Incredible list of plug-ins! Looks like my afternoon will involve plenty of plug-in test drives…thanks!

  13. daddy design says:

    great list!! thank you!

  14. Clint Maher says:

    Awesome, that list must have taken ages to put together. I use many of them already although there is some others that I will now be trying out 🙂

  15. Kaplang says:

    wow these are cool, my blog is run on wordpress so I will be using a coupls of these 🙂 thanks

  16. alufælge says:

    Really a very useful blog. I never knew so many useful and interesting plugins existed out there. Thanks a lot.

  17. Great Tuts…thanks for sharing

  18. Too many plugins will make bloging complex. So add only those plugins which are really necessary. Thanks for listing all these. Some of them are new to me.

  19. StorageCraft says:

    The wordpress plugins displayed through useful examples seems to be a useful content for learning a lot about the kind of marketing being done on the internet. I am also going to start a kind very soon.

  20. healthy says:

    yep.. the list is great,i find it very useful

  21. Well i mostly see this kind of things in all blogs that peoples are always commenting about different matters and topics instead of the topic they are on to, so this kind of things really makes me upset, because i always expecting to spread conversation at this kind of blogs and forum for improves my knowledge base.

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    Good Job.Keep it going.


  24. Very useful Post! really helped me out! hope to check more out soon

  25. Bing says:

    I use CommentLuv plugin

    Thank for info

  26. Bing says:

    Awesome, thanks for the list, make me want to switch to WordPress

  27. Manhattan says:

    Aksimet basically comes built into WordPress now, so there’s really no reason to talk about it. It’s default.

  28. thankka says:

    Ho….Thank So Much For This Post

  29. Hi friend it’s looking a nice informative post in this blog . Thanks and like to share my thought here.

  30. pretty good list, a great help to new bloggers…

  31. pretty good list, a great help to new bloggers.

  32. amazing post man i love that its so useful for me

  33. wew, I can choosing the best there are. thanks a lot

  34. Khiyo says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very helpful and I’m going to try some of them.

  35. Can SEO links get links from other blogs too ? Or you know any plugin that can work like SEO links but with external articles ?

  36. Thank you for such a comprehensive list! Lots of work on your part to gather everything together. Now, much work for me to go and install some interesting new plug-ins!

  37. onyx213 says:

    Thx for this great info….this very usefull for me as a newbie…

  38. John Design says:

    I like about interior design. This blog has information about the design. Thank you wants to share a tip with me. I look forward to posting about the design than you. Thanks

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  41. Wow lots of plugins with some very brief details. I am looking for th best video player plugin for my own videos. Any suggestions?

  42. Pilar Torres says:

    Really useful tools that I will be using on my blog.
    I already use some of them like twitter, askimet and so on.
    Will give the other ones a try.

  43. And I thought that there were no master lists like this on the web, I was just sure of it. This list should be a secret, that’s how dangerous it really is!

  44. A realy nice list of plugin. I’m not sure about clicky plugin utility, the code is easy to integrate in a theme, why need a plugin for it ?

  45. wow, very useful plugin

  46. Tom says:

    I am blown away reading the list of very good plugins here. Wow! This is one of the most comprehensive list for enhanced blogging.

    You are really good!

  47. Wow, this is really a amazing list of wordpress plugins. I definately approve of this, and will pass on amung my friends and blog networks. Thanks for the sweet list!

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