Many times, on the pages of this blog, we discuss graphics and graphic design, but life has become so much more interactive than just flat images. Even though at some point, many designers were ready to bet that video games, Flash and other interactive web elements are going to fade away, today we see that many websites are still not only employing these elements, but also making them more beautiful than ever.

We are talking about online gambling websites. Have you ever visited an online casino website before? I am sure many of you may be suspicious, bearing in mind the amount of fraud that circulates on the internet, but still and all, many websites are totally legitimate, and not only they are real and legal, they are also extremely beautifully designed. Take for example a website I visited this week,

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The developers behind this website decided to create a highly interactive slots site, which unlike many others in this niche is FREE to use. With 300 different slot games to choose from, the user will never be bored. Every game is flash-based, and comes packed with high quality graphics and very neat, unique design elements. The phenomenon of online casinos has taken over the world in recent years and every year, more and more people are drawn into the idea of winning from the comfort of their home. Even though the website is free to use, the idea of winning in a slots game is still highly compelling. You can also play blackjack or roulette, and the quality of the graphics (and the audio effects) will amaze you. I have never seen a website offering such a wide variety of gambling activities free and with such style.

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You will also find links on their pages that will show you where can you play online for real money and win actual monetary win, but this is not required and you can use the website as long as you want free of charge. You won’t even be asked to register or provide any personal information.
Although this may be targeted more towards German speakers, you don’t need to be based in Germany or speak German, to use To see that this website is legit, you can view more info and read a review about this gaming portal on this popular internet magazine.

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How online gambling website became popular?

The first ever online casino was launched in 1994, which is more than two decades ago, and has gone a long way since then. Today, world wide gambling capital estimates a whooping $21 billion, with over 8 million people playing online.  From poker to sports betting, people finally found a way to full their dream of gambling and betting, because let’s be frank — not everyone will have the opportunity. A housewife living in a remote area may never be able to visit a prestigious casino and play it big (even if she has the extra funds), but with today’s wide spectrum of varieties from online betting, slots, poker, bingo and to classic lotteries, anyone can enjoy a little bit of extra thrill.

So, are you up for a free interactive evening on

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