You have a beautiful website that presents your products and services exactly how you want it to, sales come in and things start moving in the right direction. However, with sales come questions from your customers, which means that a help desk software becomes highly necessary.

Finding the right tool to manage all emails, calls and inquiries can be tough, as you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to use more than just one solution to fix your problem. Communication needs to run smooth and easy, which can be tough with the wrong fix. Even more, bad communication with clients is one of the main causes that leads to losing trust and credibility, which means that you need to make sure that you set up the right system.

Wix Answers – The Only Help Desk Software You Need - Blog Lorelei Web Design

With Wix Answers, you will be able to deliver the right information back to your customers, making sure that everything is easy to use and satisfies all their needs, as well as your own. The new tool from Wix is entirely cloud base and makes it tremendously easy to create a Support Center for your business.

With beautiful templates, a rich content editor and many task management tools, setting up your Help Center, Ticketing System and Call Center will be easier than you think. Even more, you can customize everything to match your brand’s style.

You may ask yourself: why would this tool be useful to me? Well, Wix Answers features four main tools that cover everything you need, all in one place:

  • Help Center – this is where your customers can easily get all the answers they seek; they can browse articles, find tutorials and guides and solve their problems before reaching your support team. Even more, the articles are integrated into your Ticketing System, which means that your support agents can quickly search for articles and even share them with your clients; easily link articles to tickets, so that you can track topics and issues at all times
  • Multi-channel ticketing system – efficiently manage all requests from your Help Center, email, and Facebook business page in one location; moreover, you have easy access to Help Center articles and even saved replies, so that your support agents can save time and energy when it comes to common questions
  • Call Center – your team can now easily make and take calls; set up call lines, queues, and even IVR flows in just a matter of minutes; even more, get your own 1-800 number with no download necessary. Challenging questions can even be answered by multiple agents, as you can easily add them to a call, providing your customer with only the best possible experience. The Callback mode allows your clients to request a time, add account details and mention their request, which means that no one will leave unsatisfied and you will always know who the caller is, making it easier for you to create a relationship with them.
  • Widget – want to showcase articles from your Help Center in different places of your website? With the Wix Answers widget you can make sure that your customers find the answers they need without navigating away from the product. Furthermore, you can set up your Widget as a support channel, allowing your customers to contact you at any time.

As if things aren’t great enough yet, Wix Answers also lets you set up mailboxes to give your customers a direct method to contact you. All the emails sent to the address created by you are forwarded as tickets to your ticketing system. You can easily set up multiple mailboxes and help clients reach you.

Wix Answers – The Only Help Desk Software You Need - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Furthermore, you can connect your Facebook page so that all the wall posts and private messages are forwarded to your ticketing system. This way, you will never miss a notification from you customers and they will always have their questions answered.

With Wix Answers, there are more advantages than you can think of, from which we can mention:

  • Easily manage notifications from Facebook and emails
  • Have access to four support channel in one place
  • Easily maintain great communication with your clients and support agents
  • Customize everything to match your brand’s identity
  • Make everything even easier with a widget that you can set up wherever you want

Combining support channels from different providers can lead to chaos, as you need different accounts and use different platforms. With Wix Answers, you have all you need in one place, without having to surf through different accounts and websites. It is accessible, easy to use, and provides everything that your business needs in order to maintain and even create a great relationship with customers, making sure that you never miss a call or email.

You may also want to check Workspace management software as a good alternative not only to Wix Answers but to other desk booking software as well.