Nowadays, maintaining a good relationship with customers is far easier than it used to be. The appearance of internet and technology innovations have significantly boosted and improved important business areas such as communication, customer management, customer support, operations, and overall management. More than that, retaining clients, attracting new ones, and creating a relationship based on trust and shared values is not only more accessible, but also less time consuming than traditional methods.

flok, a customer loyalty app, is one of the most representative examples. It is the one application that allows businesses to increase customer loyalty, customer retention rate, and communication, as well as making it easier to monitor the activity, allowing any business to see what works so that they can apply it in the future and maximize their results.


Why use a customer loyalty app for your business? - Blog Lorelei Web Design


Among the most impressive features that flok offers is the powerful Rewards app. It allows any business to delight its clients and bring them back with loyalty rewards. In addition to this, the digital punch card is a special feature that allows the business to choose a reward and number of punches that the client needs to have in order to receive a reward chosen by the business. This way, customers become engaged and willing to come back in order to benefit from the rewards that they are going to get, while also building trust.

As a punch card app, flok offers a push notifications system that boosts customer retention. It sends loyalty rewards and messages at any time, no matter where they are. This way, clients will feel appreciated on their birth day and connected with the brand at all times.

In the business-customer relationship, communication plays a very important role. flok raises customer engagement by sharing the company’s activity on the social media platforms with just one click. This way, customers know that behind the brand there are people just like them, with similar passions and shared values.

Not only does flok raise awareness and promote a healthy relationship between companies and customers, but it also helps with customer acquisition. It brings new clients by sending rewards to targeted segments of the flok network. As a consequence, any business can have clients that specifically desire its products and services. This leads to a reduction of costs and an increase in the efficiency of the business. Moreover, it makes customers happy and improves the chances of them coming back.


Why use a customer loyalty app for your business? - Blog Lorelei Web Design


As previously mentioned, any business must acknowledge the importance of communication. A good company-customer relationship leads to trust, which further leads to purchases. For this, flok has developed a chat service to which it added an auto-chat feature that can be used from both your dashboard and smartphone. With such accessible communication, clients will always feel as if they are connected to the brand and that it is not just a product or service. Clients need to feel that they are listened to and that their desires are taken into consideration; flok is the one app that does exactly that, making it easy for both parts.

Moreover, flok takes communication to the next level with its Beacon device. This wireless gadget sends a welcome message to the clients’ phones as they walk in your door. Due to the fact that, nowadays, our smartphone is one of our closest friends, receiving such a message when walking in a store can only be a pleasant surprise. It makes customers feel appreciated and welcome, fact that will make them want to come back.


Why use a customer loyalty app for your business? - Blog Lorelei Web Design


flok does not only bring benefits to the customer; it also benefits the company. How? flok’s customer analytics tool monitors all the activity and finds out exactly what works best, so that you can do the right thing again and again. It saves you time and resources while also making it easy and fast to use.

flok works for all business types, from retail to food and beauty services. That’s because it offers the one thing that all businesses need in order to be successful: customer loyalty made easy. A loyal customer not only comes back, but may also come back with a friend and recommend the product and services to family and friends.

There are over 100k who currently use flok, and it is no wonder why. Everything you need in order to build customer loyalty has been gathered into one app that is accessible, easy to use, fast, and offers great results from early stages. Knowing your customers means offering them exactly what they are looking for, in the most effective possible way. With flok, many of the obstacles that businesses encounter are simply thrown away.