We always tend to think that only web masters and coders need a resume, and I know from personal experience as a web designer, I always thought I don’t need a resume, my work – my graphics, my digital art and my designs — will speak for themselves. Of course, you may have the needed skills, but how do you get ahead of the competition? Looking back I realize how many good offers passed me by, just because I wasn’t cable of creating a high profile resume.  I needed experience before getting a job and on the other hand, I needed a job to get that experience. Sounds familiar?

If you want to land a high profile job,  skillfully written and professionally looking resume is a must in today’s world. However what holds back most of web designers? Either lack of technical skills to create one, or the lack of finances to hire someone else to do it for them. So, for those of you who were ever stopped (and paralyzed) by the phrase “send me your resume!” we have gathered a few handful tips.

1. Be Creative

If anything is really expected from a web designer, then it’s to be creative. Clients don’t understand that you work in Photoshop and Illustrator the whole day and may never even had an Office software installed. If you send them a plain, black and white resume composed in notepad or as a WordPress document, they will automatically assume you aren’t creative.  Here are a few good examples of HIGHLY, (or maybe even overly) creative resumes:

https://loreleiwebdesign.com//HLIC/5dc97715d8b7b22bd0d236206669952d.jpghttps://loreleiwebdesign.com//HLIC/df0c7b0450c558cd7be0b6cb83f83d5b.jpg https://loreleiwebdesign.com//HLIC/b88613f90c8e00dae34dd16bad2dbf4c.jpghttps://loreleiwebdesign.com//HLIC/7b845cf269b988cf4c05b21f3e454026.jpg

I am sure that when you initially thought of resume, you just assumed you’d type on a white canvas the date you were born, the date you graduated, and the few recent job experiences you had, right? Well, today’s resumes look a whole lot different than they used to.

2. Don’t Waste Extra Money

Resume creation business is as prosperous as everything else, if there are people out there who don’t know how to do it, there will always be someone who is willing to do it for a fee. If you look at the 4 examples above, the first two costed hundreds of dollars to create, while the third and fourth one are actually FREE (provided by Hloom.com). Yes, you get my point, the internet is still saturated with freebies and there is no reason you’d waste a great deal of cash for something you can download free.

3. Choose Resume Layout That Reflects Your Profession

Since the look and feel of the resume always make the first impression, before the content does, it’s a good idea to align your style with a resume you choose.  This is basically the only reason people pay big sums of money for resume creation — to have a design that stands out. However, since we previously mentioned Hloom, I personally choose their templates for a many reasons. They have over 400 resume templates, most of which are artistic, creative and original.

Here are just a few examples, all these resume templates are absolutely free, you can simply download and edit the info inside.

Why every freelance web designer needs a resume and how to make one? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Why every freelance web designer needs a resume and how to make one? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Why every freelance web designer needs a resume and how to make one? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

As you can see, the selection is plentiful, and there are a few hundreds more on their website. Since most of our readers are web designers, I think everyone would find something for their liking in their “creative”section.

4. Keep it Short and Simple

Many designers are stuck at the writing part, since being a designer and being a writer are two separate things. Luckily, on the pages of Hloom.com’s website you can find all the information you need about how to write your resume, including samples of content for various professions. Once you head to their website and choose a resume template that you like, you are just 10 minutes away from having a professionally looking and professionally composed resume, which you can then send out to all your potential clients, and get ahead of the competition, with a catchy CV. Good luck!