Having a business nowadays and not being digitally present is pretty much just like “winking at a girl in the dark”. Undoubtedly, online marketing is an appealing way of increasing your business potential, whether you’re serving your customers virtually online or physically offline. If you own a start-up or a small business without an astronomical budget, that doesn’t mean you must have low marketing prospects, at least not in the digital world – where shaping your brand and enlarging your customer base is easier than anywhere else. Let’s see 6 reasons why social media and digital marketing are the necessary business improvements for growing sales and leads in 2017.

  • I) Emphasize your uniqueness

Texas Tech University discovered in 2013 that one of the safest ways to establish brand loyalty is through Social Media. A well-designed website with proper functionalities can provide your customers with personalized user experiences, which rapidly leads to brand recognition and recall. If you find a creative way of communicating your message (and not looking like an aggressive, desperate seller) then your customers’ loyalty will unmistakably increase. After all, no one likes being talk to in a mass-communication manner, because that makes them feel like they’re just one of the many consumers who make no difference or have no impact on the company.

Why digital presence matters? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

  • II) Be reliant, be everywhere

Being actively present on many social media channels doesn’t overwhelm your audience at all. Conversely, it actually highlights how reliant and omnipresent you are. No matter where your customers are located or what social networks they use, you have to be easily accessible anytime to as many people as possible, in order to provide the right solutions and the right customer-service. If spreading on 5 or more different social media platforms sounds tiring to you, then feel free to contact any marketing specialists for an amazing experience on digital presence. Going beyond the basic advertising practices, we are ready to provide interesting and relevant content which customers would enjoy sharing on their pages, therefore raising awareness about the brand.

  • III) Customer retention opportunity

The more comforting your website is, the more time they will spend navigating it and the more incentive to purchase they will have. Besides interactive tools and well-crafted pictures, you can prove the premium-quality of your business by using a customer education strategy. Should you have a high-quality piece of advice on a particular procedure in your area of activity, Royal Media Ltd. is here to paraphrase your industry knowledge into valuable content that clients would learn from. Through educational texts and videos, you have the right chance to show your know-how in the field and persuade visitors to use your professional product or service.

Why digital presence matters? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

  • IV) Visibility and first ranking

You probably want to make sure that your website is constantly earning traffic and not just lying somewhere in the darkness. It’s worthless to mention how vital a Search Engine Optimization strategy is and certainly even more worthless to mention how well and how fast can a creative digital agency can get you on Google first page. You can learn more about our SEO tactics by contacting us. Visibility is one of the keys to obtaining new customers. Therefore, details such as your type of business, past experience, product, location, schedule, availability, contact and so on are absolutely necessary in order to get new clientele.

  • V) Specific public

Another huge benefit that Social Media provides is that you can communicate to those specific audiences to whom you want, saving a lot of money and resources while not boring anyone who’s not interested in your services. This type of communication is created to be win-win, not lose-lose. For instance, Facebook allows you to reach your audience based on aspects like industry, education level and, very important, location, which makes Social Media an environment independent of geographical boundaries. Furthermore, you can very easily track your customers’ pages and gather insights about their daily interests, passions and even concerns – and that allows you to adapt your business accordingly. This can’t be called stalking or spamming, because it truly is just a high degree of care and attention that will eventually please both sides equally.

Why digital presence matters? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

  • VI) You are not seen as an advertiser

Social Media advertisements are very different from tradition media. On Twitter or Facebook there is no TV moderator to let the audience know that a commercial break is coming, so that they could surf on a different channel. Instead, ads are being included in the news feed flow, giving them the character of a story among today’s events, which makes people be more curious and open to your message. Another advantage is offered by the Contact or Call-to-action buttons that you can implement within your announcement. A controversial practice is that of news jacking, where you can use a piece of breaking news in your advantage, by connecting your product to the just-occurred situation in a funny or problem-solving way (i.e. posting a short article/joke that emphasizes the solution your product brings in accordance with a new political decision).

Whether you want to make a great first impression with an outstanding design or you’re trying to engage more customers in a warm and delightful community or you simply plan on increasing sales with a particular percent this year, social media and digital podcast marketing campaigns are two business steps that you must not skip.


All the aforementioned benefits are just a tiny part of the potential of enhancing a business in terms of custom software and digital communication.