How many websites are there on the world wide web? The precise number, back in January 2021, was 1,197,982,359. How do you make your website attractive, so visitors come to yours, instead of the more than one billion others? The answer to that question is naturally that there are a large number of ways to do so. But one of them is by adding an online quiz. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Reason One: Online Quiz are Popular

No matter which type of website you have, whether it is information or business related, the addition of an online quiz will help you get the attention of the people you aim to talk to. It can be explained easily: People want to be participants. And there is nothing like an online quiz to get them to do so. Furthermore, they are so easy to create, it would be an error not to benefit from them, especially since they can be beneficial to you, in many other ways. To learn more on how to create an online quiz for your website, get redirected here.

Reason Two: They bring in visitors

Why adding an Online Quiz to a Website is a Great Idea? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

If your website benefits from good visibility online, thanks to your SEO strategies, then people can actually find your online quiz, before even getting to know about you, in other ways, through the subject of the quiz. That will create a lot of movement on your site, which will be automatically beneficial for your ranking. But it will also enable you to find new people to address your message to. If you are selling products or services, they will come in contact with them, and next time they have a need that your company can respond to, they will think of you. If you’re an information website, these users will learn more about it, after filling the quiz, so they may come back, over and over again. Which brings us to our next point.

Reason Three: An incentive for visitors to come Back often

If you place an online quiz on your website, change it regularly, so that visitors come back to fill the new one. If that is the case, always indicate what the next subject will be, directly underneath the current one, and when it will be available online. To maximize the benefits, you can also create links to the previous ones, simply by naming the subject (and the date it was available, if you want to), on which they can click to. That will add to the number of pages seen on your website, which will help its visibility, even more.