In this economy, many smaller businesses have been hit hard. For those that are still around, it is often a big struggle to survive. Part of making it as a small business is continual growth. But growth often requires investment capital beyond the means of most small business owners. The web design, public relations, and ad agency business are no different from most others in this respect. However, they have a significant advantage over the more traditional retail business. The web design, public relations, and ad agency model puts the small business owner in the position to be talking to their customers about digital marketing. This makes them eligible for a white label SEO reseller strategy.

A white label SEO approach is one in which the business partners with another firm to fulfill the SEO services to existing or new clients. Unlike traditional outsourcing, the white label approach (often called private label SEO) is one in which the end client is not aware that the work has been outsourced to another firm. This arrangement is extremely common in the food industry, where a grocery store will often put its own label on certain food items. The grocery chain does not make the food product, but the manufacturer allows them to put their store’s name on the product (private label) or make it generic (white label).

Online marketing has evolved to the point where these white label SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email products are now widely available. The advantage to the web design, public relations, or ad agency is that they can grow revenues without the required investment in product development. The white-label approach, like the white label SEO reseller services in Australia, allows them to maintain control of the client relationship in case things turn bad, in which case they can always pull the work back in-house. White label search engine marketing products are a creative way for businesses that already discuss digital marketing with clients to grow their businesses with relatively low risk.