We are only as good as the last business promises that we keep to ourselves and to our customers who come back for new promises. That is also something that has kickstarted our latest discussion on Keap! Formerly known as Infusion Soft, Keap is a CRM platform that allows you to literally keep your promises to your business, its varied teams and the customers whom you want to bring back – and also when you want those customers to bring back even more customers by way of recommendations and word of mouth. Keap competitors have also sprung up in this space to help you do just that.

Right now, we bet you have a number of questions starting from the what to the how and even the why of it all. Well, the answers are very simple and very on point if you look at all the Keap alternatives out there. But why do you need alternatives to Keap in the first place? The simple answer is that the Keap pricing is one that keeps a lot of business owners – especially the small and growing ones – from turning to this CRM platform for their varied needs. But before we discuss the pricing, let us find out what other features Keap has and what more the Keap alternative will give you. 

Top 3 Competitors and Alternatives to Keap: 2021 Pricing Guide
  • Contact Management: Keap CRM as well as the Keap alternative primarily adhere to all the principles of automated contact management so that the information pertaining to the contacts as well as all the interactions with the said contact (whether it is a customer or a prospect), would be in one place. 
  • Function Mapping: Now that we have established the start point for all the benefits that the Keap competitors would give you, let us understand what one would do with all the information about the contacts through the contact management feature. This information is further matched with the right functions that have to be carried out by specific teams, in a task wise manner. 
  • Task Automation: Now, this brings us to a very interesting point in the discussion which is the automation and the helpful notification of tasks. When the contact management happens within a framework wherein it is matched to a function and task, then there is automation at play meaning the mundane and routine tasks (like sending emails, for example) would be automated, while the rest of the tasks would be assigned with the right information drawn up for that task and the notification would happen within the system of the alternatives to Keap.
  • Geared for Better Revenues: What does this do for you essentially? Well, in a nutshell, this cuts down the monotonous so that the team members are able to focus on engaging their core skills and the customers who would benefit from the same so that the conversions happen faster and more frequently, leading to more revenues thanks to the Keap alternative. 
  • Insight Gathering: This is another important function that comes right after all the functions are carried out. The Keap competitors will routinely give you insights and analysis so that you are able to understand how you have performed and what all corrections have been recommended so that you may perform even better. This is a crucial step in the brand building and revenue building exercise that should be offered by any and every system that you employ for automation within your organization. 

Now that we have understood the basic benefits and steps of how the CRM system can fit in with all your needs, let us understand the Keap pricing so that we can see which platforms better this pricing model in the long run and for the growth of your business:

Keap essentially has three plans that are priced at various points. These three plans are Keap Grow, Keap Pro and Infusions Soft, which is named after the original and former name of the platform for branding purposes. 

While Keap Grow starts at $0 per month and goes on to $79, Keap Pro is offered at $0 and it allows you to add each user at a cost of $30 per month. You can also get expert training for both plans at $99 and $499 respectively. At the same time, Infusion Soft is offered at $199 after the initial one month free trial ends. 

With Keap Grow, you get client management (for 500 contacts) as well as email marketing and other features such as appointments and proposal generation. With Keap Pro, you get all of the above along with complete marketing and sales automation including the ability and tools to build landing pages. Infusion Soft is an all inclusive package that also gives you ECommerce tools along with lead scoring and much more. 

Keap Competitors to Watch Out for:

Now that we have understood the Keap pricing, let us cast a glance at the alternatives to the platform as well:

EngageBay: This would be one of the best CRM and automation platforms not only for the wide range of features but also for the pricing which begins at $0 and goes up to $47.99 for the highest package. Plus, you get a 1000 contacts for the free plans as well. 

Drip: With mere email marketing and SMS marketing, you will get a plan at $19 for 500 contacts where you would have to pay $15 to add contacts for SMS marketing. The features are very limited for that kind of a cost and budgetary allocation. 

Insightly: This platform has many features that start at $29 and go up to $99 for the enterprise-level plan and its expansive features. Yet, it does not have a free plan unlike EngageBay. This makes it difficult for small businesses and growing enterprises as well. 

The above analysis clearly shows that EngageBay is the best CRM alternative to Keap since it offers an all in one software with a great pricing model as well.