A website is the online face of your business and as crucial to your business as brick and mortar structure to any offline store. With most businesses moving to online space it has become the face of your business that is an essential marketing tool that needs to be spot on and giving your business that all important good first impression. It is the level of visual appeal and functionality of the design of your website that directly impacts your access to the customers and sales to provide you the concrete returns regarding ROI. We state some significant reasons which highlight why investing in a professional web design is critical for your business.

Tendency of customers to make snap judgments

Studies suggest that it takes less than 50 milliseconds for a customer to form an impression about your business from the look of your website. About 94 percent merely take into account, the visual appearance of your website to form their opinion about your business. It is because of this that you simply cannot afford to lose out on this first look advantage in this very competitive online space.

The Importance of Professional Web Design for Businesses - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Gauging importance of a good web design by numbers

Gone are the days when a simple website would impress the customer and make him happy. Today, the importance of an attractive design as well as its performance has grown exponentially. The latest stats state that 38% of people cease interacting with a poorly designed unattractive website while 48 percent associate the visual appearance of a website with the credibility and trustability of the business. Thus, without a professional looking website, you cannot hope to build up your brand identity amidst the severe competition in the online space.

Makes your business accessible 24/7

A website keeps your business open and functional 24/7. This offers you enormous advantage especially if your business runs on a global level. With business hours varying across the globe, your business offers easy accessibility to all business hours. Your information and other necessary details are always available to your customers, and they can always leave a request for contact.

A good design website increases sales

The entire purpose of getting a website is to attract customers and sell them their products or services to reap profits. Various studies and experiments conducted have repeatedly shown that websites with a more attractive appearance and better functionality record more sales in comparison to a poorly designed website. That is the reason a website is touted as the most critical marketing tool any business has at its disposal. You cannot hope to achieve success without a good website design.

A commendable web design spikes customer support

Today the entire interaction of any business with visitors and customers has moved online.  By default, a poor website will leave a negative impression on visitor’s mind and fuel feelings of distrust and confusion. The consequence would be customer’s rejecting your business and moving on to your competitor. A good website design functions just the reverse and helps you build your loyal customers and robust sales funnel.

These are just a few of compelling reasons why you need a good website design. Not only design, but content that will capture and engage visitors will help convert web visits into paying customers. Good quality web design doesn’t need to be mega expensive either, coupon sites like coupongrind will often offer help in this department along with money off other areas that will help your business’ budget.