Even in the era of bottleneck competition, many companies are still getting businesses in your industry. If you try to get more traffic and convertible leads, you have to create a website that converts. And if your phone is not ringing enough, you need to focus upon every minute detail to make some difference. Building your website and optimizing it for search engines are two different things. The first one can merely acquire an online space for your business, and the latter will bring you real business.

The goal behind creating a website may vary across companies. But you cannot deny that you expect your websites to result in sales. A convertible web design fuels digital marketing and generates more business. But how does a highly convertible website look like? Here you will get to know.

How Does A Highly Convertible Business Website look Like?

It Has Simple Design:

Even when you dream of making your business website an extravagant one, you must not. Research says simple designs convert more. Many business owners try to cram as much information as possible into their website pages. They show off everything, including their products, services, affiliations, rewards, and anything they can imagine.

But remember, while designing your website, less is more. I meant saying simplifying your website design must be the first thing on your agenda. Even though you want to include lots of information on your website, you need to strategize how much content you will put on each page.

To make your website simple, you also need to work on the color scheme and the theme. Surprisingly these two factors help improve the conversion rates.

It Focuses Upon Speed:

When it is about increasing your conversion rate, the speed of your website matters. If your website takes a fortune to load, it will kill your conversions. Remember that a faster site leads to a lower bounce rate. Your target audience is maybe impatient. In fact, in today’s digital age, everyone wants to get things within a blink. In such a scenario, if your website takes longer than usual to display all the information, it’s better not to have a website at all.

A highly converting website loads within two to three seconds. A website with a simple design will take a little time to load. Additionally, high converting sites prefer having good web hosting services. It’s worth spending extra money on web hosting and web security to ensure that your website does not crash or have problems while loading pages.

It Uses Quality Images:

You definitely don’t expect to look at your website that comprises only text. Images are essential in boosting your conversion rates. Websites without images look dull and somewhat incompetent. But that does not mean you have to put as many photos as possible on your website. 

Too many images can increase the page loading time. Furthermore, researchers say that websites with fewer images have higher conversion rates.

High converting websites use images that look professional. Always choose high-quality photos to use on your website.

It Runs A/B Tests:

If you have been changing your website’s pages more often and notice that your conversion rate is increasing, that’s a piece of great news. But that does not mean you are done. Even when your conversion rate is growing, you still aren’t sure whether you have reached your peak yet. 

We suggest you keep striving to improve your website. High converting sites prefer A/B testing to determine whether they have the most optimal design for their websites. It is also known as split testing that involves running alternative versions of the same pages to see which one has a higher conversion rate. 

It Has a Strong Call to Actions:

You might have heard of CTA a few times. It is so important to have clear call-to-action buttons on your website. Because you cannot expect to have high conversion without strong CTAs. High converting sites place one call to action button in every two scrolls.

You are definitely not making a website to show off. A strong call to action button brings money into your pocket. Your target audience must encounter one call to action button every couple of seconds. 

If you are unhappy with your website’s conversion rates, analyze your website carefully. And if you are wondering how to design a website that converts, starts by simplifying the design so that your visitors can easily find your CTA. Simple web design also leads to a faster page loading time. If you follow these simple steps, you will definitely see your conversion rate is rising instantaneously.