The increasing accumulation of new hardware, applications, and IT software makes it extremely difficult to remediate security vulnerabilities. The Microsoft SCCM third party tools cannot offer comprehensive security that includes many outside products such as Google, Apple, Adobe, Mozilla, and others. Keeping up with patches needed to make systems run smoothly often requires system administrators to hire extra help to keep current with rapidly changing IT systems. Solar Winds Patch Manager helps cut down on the time needed for research, testing, and implementation of common third-party applications.

Busy IT managers want laptops, servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices to run smoothly and interact flawlessly, but conflicting applications inevitably cause problems that need some sort of fix. Third-party patching software extends the capabilities of Microsoft SCCM and WSUS. Solar Winds offers free downloads and trials of their software that really work. Other companies offer downloads that managers find disabled in some way, but the company offers the genuine versions, so busy IT staff do not waste time downloading useless software.

The competitive global business environment demands that IT staff do more work with fewer resources. Despite Windows 7 advances and intuitive software applications, operating systems fall short in their ability to integrate plug-ins and third party programs. The National Vulnerability Database has published reports that disprove the common assumption that Microsoft applications pose the biggest threat to security. The study found that 90 percent of threats came from other software vendors such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Adobe Flash Player, Java Runtime, and Adobe Shockwave.

Companies can manage hardware, servers, and third-party applications simply and accurately, guaranteeing that the right patches go to the right machines. SW patch software, formerly known as EminentWare, deploys SCCM third party patches in hours instead of weeks, and companies can try the software free. When major IT companies buy out their competitors, savvy business owners understand the reason comes from product reliability. IT managers can trust these products for solving their security headache.