A number of new gadgets have been released and are in the works to be released. From Google Glass to the upcoming Meta SpaceGlasses, many of these new gadgets gather a significant amount of user data. In fact, most of them rely on it. As a result, a number of privacy concerns have developed. Here’s what you need to know and how to protect your identity.

Only Leave the GPS On When Needed

Stalking has become an increasing concern for many of the new gadgets. People forget that they can turn the GPS tracker off the device. Everything from Google Glass to the Hummingbird gathers data continuously unless you tell it not to. To help conserve battery power, and to make sure that you do not give away information than you want to have made public, always deselect the GPS option. Most devices include this in the options or settings function.

Nothing Is Truly Private

One of the big concerns that has developed with the increase in devices geared for Tumblr, Instagram, SnapChat, and the like is revenge porn. In fact, entire sites have developed precisely for the dissemination of these videos and images. While some states are trying to make this illegal, the fact remains that the pictures and videos are still out there for anyone to see who wants them. Remember that when you are using any gadget that is connected to the Internet and that transmits data, you are not truly doing it privately. You can send big files through encrypted networks, but the fact is that they can become public knowledge if someone has the necessary hacking skills. As a result, it is important to be careful with any personally identifiable information. When inputting information onto an app, consider using a different birthdate and address so that if the information gets out, your identity is not as much at risk. The same goes for your general password security questions. Don’t use your real mother’s maiden name. Make one up or use another phrase entirely. Truth is not necessary for these questions, and since that information can often be easily obtained, it’s best to use something entirely separate.

You Must Actively Opt Out of Data Collection

From Google Glass to Meta SpaceGlasses, the one thing that is consistent is that if you don’t want your information to be collected, you must specifically opt out of this. Oftentimes, opting out of the information or data collection is more complicated than shutting the GPS off. You cannot always access it on the device itself. You will have to go to your account on the official website and follow the individual procedures to avoid it. Remember that once you say you want out, they have to let you out.

Gadgets have become increasingly invasive with their information gathering techniques. It’s not intended for nefarious purposes, but it can still be unpleasant from the customer’s perspective. To protect yourself from these privacy concerns, shut the GPS off when you don’t need it. Also remember that nothing is truly private online. It can all potentially come out. And finally, remember that you must actively opt out of data collection.