Latest Web Design Trends You Need To Know In 2017 - Blog Lorelei Web Design

The pace with which the web design terrain is currently shifting has no precedence. Something that appears trendy today may sink into oblivion in just a few months. With better tools coming out to enhance functionality, aesthetics and user experience, we can only expect the rate to go a notch higher. If you do not keep up, you may find yourself stuck in the past.

To help you keep tabs on these changes, here is a list of the latest web design trends 2017.

  1. Hyper-Responsive Design

The responsive web design feature initially introduced to make websites compatible with different resolutions and device of various shapes and sizes, is now being customized to improve the user experience for different demographics. For instance, the current trend for beginner level users is a simpler user interface. For old users, where a significant number may have visual challenges, the fonts are getting larger and larger.

  1. Tailored Illustrations

With the recent realization that visuals send the message home way better than words, more and more new websites are using fewer words and more visuals. Stock photos also appear to have had their day as their use is on a decline. Though more expensive, tailored and hand drawn illustrations are gaining prominence for their refreshing and unique feel.

  1. Large and Bold Fonts

The fonts are not getting bigger just for older users; the trend is spreading far and wide.  Inspired by minimalism, the content is reducing in volume leaving more room to increase the font. The idea is to keep the words to a minimum by using short and concise statements and to glorify them in a way that will captivate the visitors.

  1. Use of GIFs

Static web pages may be a thing of the past in a few years following the introduction of GIFs this year. To create life, movement and make visitors stay longer on your pages, new websites are increasingly using GIFs as backdrops to website pages to reinforce the message.

  1. Horizontal and Vertical Text

A reduction in content volume on web pages has given designers the freedom to play around with text. One of the creative ways fashioned to exploit this space has been to mix vertical and horizontal text. Like a breath of fresh air, this trend is catching on and may become one for now and for the future.

  1. Geometric Patterns

Owing to the diverse ways in which geometric shapes and patterns can be incorporated into the design, they may never go out of fashion. The secret is to find new ways to harness their flair. In 2017, these patterns are being used to outline images.

  1. Brighter Colors

There are powerful correlations between colors and personalities, and one of the latest attempts is to create a synergy by matching colors with their corresponding clients’ personalities. In 2017 brighter colors seems to be the in thing. For a web designer, the trick is to successfully blend these colors and remain within the bounds of the minimalist approach.

  1. Use of Unique Layout

In a bid to stay unique in a sea of brands, websites are challenging the prevailing basic notion of what constitute a site layout. In new websites, everything from the menu to the navigation bar has been rearranged in a unique way.


In summary, the latest trends in web design seek to seamlessly merge the new and refreshing constructs with old and timeless ones. The emphasis is on enhanced user experience, aesthetics, uniqueness, and minimalism. Therefore, the onus is on every designer to find a way to create a unique blend featuring these trends.