Almost every marketer swears by how a Landing Page can help in Lead Capture and Sales Conversions. 

However, when asked about optimization, there are multiple discrepancies in their answers. 

A landing page is a good platform for lead generation and capture, however, it is the optimization that can take something from being ‘good’ to truly being ‘great’!

In this blog article, we are going to discuss how Multi-Step Forms have emerged as one of the best optimizations that can lead to increased conversions. 

Multi-Step Forms: A Brief Introduction

If you have seen a typical web form, you might have a brief idea about what a multi-step form is. However, for the benefit of everyone, we would be more than happy to reiterate the same once again. 

A Multistep Form is interactive and engages the user in multiple ways. It is almost like a conversation that is happening wherein the form asks something and the user responds to the same. The interactive nature is what encourages users to fill in the fields and finish. 

Questions are presented in multiple stages or fields. This allows the user to fill in what he or she feels best and enables a brand to understand the needs of the user in the best possible fashion. All these questions are not placed on one page to overwhelm the user. 

Major Reasons why Multi-Step Forms Increase Conversions

In this section, we look at some major reasons why multi-step forms increase conversions in lead generation campaigns- 

  • The Psychological Effect

Studies have shown that every question answered by a human being or a single ‘yes’ creates a sense of commitment. In other words, on a multistep form, if you have answered five questions out of ten, there are much more chances that you will finish the next three or five to experience a sense of completion. This is simply human nature. We want to complete things. 

  • Prevents Users From Getting Overwhelmed

Ten questions on one single page right in front of you are likely to make you feel as if you are facing some sort of an exam. No one among us likes exams, do we? Multi-Step forms present different questions on different pages. This prevents a user from thinking that this is too much of a task. Breaking up the steps on different pages makes it much easier and engaging. 

  • Personalization allows for Better Engagement and Interaction

Personalization is the key to effective marketing. Be it coupon promotion or form design, conversion channels need to be created as per different preferences of customers.  If you thought that multi-step forms cannot be personalized or customized, then think again. According to experts, this is one of the biggest advantages of multi-step forms that help in increasing conversions. For example, one single answer can have a choice of three to five options. The user can simply select the option that appeals most to them. 

  • Adding a Progress Bar on the Multistep Form shows the Journey

As an individual, we are wired towards completing journeys. Whether they are classes, tasks, gaming levels, or forms, if we know how far out, we are, we will try to finish the same. Multi-Step forms can be customized to show a Progress Bar to the users. This acts as a motivation to the users encouraging them to finish the form and complete the journey. 

  • Improved and Increased A/B Testing is possible in Multi-Step Forms

All of us keep testing our web designs and web pages for increased optimization and performance. Ask yourself the question- how many of us do the same with our forms? Chances are very few of us. When you use multi-step forms, you can test one form against the other by running A/B tests. This will allow you to get an idea of which form works best for a campaign. 

Which Types of Businesses should use Multi-Step Forms?

Most experts opine that B2B businesses make the classic case for multi-step forms. This is simply because B2B businesses depend heavily on lead generation, capture, and conversions. This is what keeps the sales moving.

It does not matter whether you are a big, medium, or small business organization. Lead capture through multi-step forms can allow you to optimize the performance of your marketing and create the best sales channels. 

In addition to lead capture, multi-step forms can be used for a variety of other purposes. This includes creating step questionnaires, creating employee learning modules, conditional forms, creating business quotations, and more. 

The Bottom Line

If you are planning your next marketing or sales campaign, you should try using multi-step forms. From customizations to better conversions, a well-planned and accurately designed multistep form might just be what you were looking for to take your company’s sales figures through the roof!

About The Author

Shahid Shahmiri is a digital marketer by profession. He helps online businesses to grow with smart marketing tactics to achieve better sales and leads. He is passionately focused and driven to grow businesses online and can manage the marketing and lead generation process with proven tactics and experiments. Shahid is accountable for analyzing marketing, SEO, growth and dealing with all promotional and media channels.