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With the upswing of online businesses across the industry, having a classified website has become inevitable for promoting business, posting commercials or exploring parallel markets. If you have been thinking in similar lines, it could get as easy as setting up your advert listing or classified website quickly to launch yourself and earn prominence as a brand with the Classicraft WordPress theme. While WordPress has a range of themes, this one allows you to create a professionally designed listing website without requiring any technical proficiency or codes. The customised theme allows for high flexibility so that you can run your portal from any device that’s portable. Moreover, it’s responsive providing for greater visibility.

How Could WordPress be used for creating a customised business model?

If you have a specific start-up in mind and need a categorised theme, check these sections under the Classicraft theme:


  • Classified Ads
  • Theme options settings


You can download this WordPress theme for free and install it for creating classified ads either from the front end or the back end, add categories and tags. Subsequently, you can upload background relevant images, logos and favourite icon. Once done, you can customise your payment packages, add customised fields, widgets and generate the menu manager.


Today, the online and Smartphone Casino
sites are one of the major attractions, and if you wish to launch a portal catering to gaming lovers, you will certainly need the appropriate classified theme suited to the client you wish to tap and the online games you want to host. Most importantly, just like at the Vegas Mobile Casino, you will need viable and reliable features on your portal that can support smooth transactions and not cause any loss of money to either your business or your members. The responsive behaviour of Classicraft can facilitate convenience of running and monitoring your portal from any handheld device. Thus, clients/players at any online casino sites can enjoy their favourite casino games from their smartphone, tablets or PCs and anywhere.


The process of building a website on WordPress would be:


  • Install and add new classified ads from both front end and back end.
  • To add the website categories, head to the dashboard-select classified and classified categories.
  • To upload the background images (say for instance you may want to add game images to your casino portal), head to dashboard and settings, select the theme options and general settings
  • As a listing owner, you can also export and import your CSV under the dashboard. Once you download CSV document, you can check for the format, name of the column field and follow the same format in your CSV. Once the CSV is done, you can click on the “choose file” option to upload the CSV and consequently hit the import button.


Depending on your requirement, you can select the payment packages from among the three types available on this WordPress theme:


  • Free classified ad payment: This is free of cost and can be used for trial as the listing owner will not have to pay anything for creating the business advertisements.
  • One-time classified ad payment: The listing owner can choose this option to publish ads as a paid classified for a certain period. On expiring it goes to the draft mode and can be reactivated. This can be featured on homepage slider by paying an additional fee.
  • Recurring classified ad payment: On choosing this package, the ads will remain active if the listing owner pays for it. This allows for featuring ads on the category slider, and the owner will receive leads on the dashboard.


The final steps include customisation of the listings and lead capture form on the website, followed by adding of the widgets in the sidebar and building the custom menu to set your portal rolling.