Organizing an event is quite a challenge. The bigger the event, the more difficult it becomes; that’s why it’s very important to use appropriate tools that help you organize tasks more efficiently.

To consider an event a success, a key indicator would be the amount of hype leading up to it, the number of audience, and if things ran smoothly during the day itself. Were the attendees happy? 

You may have a full house, but if it doesn’t match the intent of your event, then you’ve fallen short. To monitor participants’ attendance at your events, using QR codes may streamline the process.

Luckily, using the best QR code generator online is quite common in making customized QR codes for event organizers. 

QR codes for automated entrances

For bigger venues or events with more budget, QR codes can be easily integrated into entrances such as turnstiles. The event organizer simply needs to generate a unique QR code that only they can scan. This involves software development and special scanners, which the organizer may have to invest in.

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These QR codes can be distributed into both paper and mobile tickets, giving people as many options as possible. Before entering the venue, attendees can simply scan these QR codes for the turnstile to activate.

QR codes for Google Forms

For smaller venues or events that don’t really require a huge crowd, this may not be a practical option. Thanks to their versatility, a Google Form QR code makes it so much easier to track attendees. The process works similarly to QR codes for automated entrances, but it redirects to Google Forms instead. 

The best part is, event organizers don’t have to consult a software developer; they can simply use a QR code generator with logo software online.

Once the code is generated, they just have to place them in all entry points of the venue to monitor attendance.

Benefits of using QR codes for event organization

There’s plenty of technology for event organization, but QR codes are cost-effective, efficient, and easy to implement. On top of these, using QR codes for event organization comes with plenty of benefits both for the attendees and organizers.

Very minimal queue and fraud-proof

One of the most difficult things to avoid with events is a queue. With QR codes, the process is less hassle because everything is digital. Especially for automated entrances, you can only enter the venue if your QR code is valid, preventing long queues as well as fraud.

Easy tracking with analytics

Almost every QR code generator today now has a feature to track the number of scans, the location of the scanners, and the device they’ve used. This provides useful information for event organizers as they can use it to improve in the future.

Easy to implement and cost-effective

As mentioned, QR codes are very easy to implement. Organizers simply need to place them at entry points of the venue, and it requires very little to no supervision at all. It’s also very cost-effective because most QR code generators are free of charge.

Generate QR codes to monitor your event attendance with a reliable QR code generator today.