Four Marketing and Design Tips for Businesses in Hospitality - Blog Lorelei Web Design

When it comes to marketing, businesses in the hospitality space must develop a very unique proposition with the help of hospitality design templates. And, it helps to go mobile since 52 percent of travelers are booking their trips through their media devices. Below are curated marketing tips to help your hospitality business get off the ground.


  • Social Media is for Customer Service

Four Marketing and Design Tips for Businesses in Hospitality - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Regardless of how you use social media in your personal time, it should be a platform for customer service in the professional sense. This is the place where you want to interact with your customers.

You also want to pay attention to what they are saying about your brand. In addition, social media is a platform to share your marketing media specifically tailored to the hospitality industry and customized for your particular offerings and features. Then, you want to watch the comments.

Plus, you can use this space to become more aware of issues and respond personally. All prospects and customers appreciate individual attention.


  • Provide Exclusive Deals to Your Followers


You want to give people a reason to follow you on social media. One way to do so is through discounts, rewards and access to premium content. The objective is to keep your followers engaged.

There is so much competition on social media–followers will move on if you are not consistent with your efforts. You might even offer a prize when you reach follower milestones such as 10k followers, then 20k followers and so on.


  • Keep Your Mobile Site Simple


You can use a template to maintain a simple, and responsive mobile site. You should make it as streamlined as a site like Expedia, while offering your brand’s unique features and benefits.

Think of using larger and cleaner images to keep visitors engaged with your site. If your site is simple, streamlined and clear–it can compel users to book a reservation.


  • Make Your Customer’s Lives Easier Four Marketing and Design Tips for Businesses in Hospitality - Blog Lorelei Web Design


Since you are in the hospitality business, you should want to make your customer’s lives easier and more comfortable. The same should be true of your mobile app’s web design.

Since mobile screens are smaller than laptop and desktop screens, customers get annoyed when they have to fill out pages of data.

You might instead consider features such as allowing your customers to take a credit card photo and letting the information auto-populate. Then, on their next booking, their information is already there. Then, offer 24/7 support for any problems or questions.

This helps to build trust and loyalty with your customers and prospects. Yet, you can also offer easy access to other services in your area such as car rentals, Lyft, restaurants, shopping centers and more.


  • Final Thought


Hospitality is the business of making people feel comfortable and welcomed. That should also be included in your marketing strategy and web design. They should be inviting, easy-to-use and simple.

People don’t want to be overwhelmed with onerous details and data. They want things to be straightforward and concise. With a strategy on that level, you will be awarded with plenty of new customers.